• Asmaa Yasin Undergraduate students, ITC Department, Arab Open University, Kuwait
  • Bana Ahmed Undergraduate students, ITC Department, Arab Open University, Kuwait
  • Reem El Hadary Undergraduate students, ITC Department, Arab Open University, Kuwait
  • Yahia Hasan Jazyah Assistant Professor, ITC Department, Arab Open University, Kuwait



Compilation, Multi – Threading, String Comparison


Several programming contests are being held every year searching for the best team in programming. To achieve the first place in the context, training is a crucial factor for participants; where meeting regularly and face to face is important issue. In some cases, meeting face to face is not available for competent, so this research develops an algorithm for training and examining the source code of user. The algorithm is based on designing an additional thread to monitor and control the process of testing the source code. The algorithm is efficient and achieves high percentage of success.


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Yasin, A., Ahmed, B., Hadary, R. E., & Jazyah, Y. H. (2018). INDEPENDENT INTEGRATED E-TRAINING ENVIRONMENT . International Journal of Engineering Technologies and Management Research, 5(12), 146–152.