• R. Gloria Ph.D. Research Scholar, Department of Education, Bharathidasan University, Thiruchirappalli-24, India
  • Dr. A. Edward William Benjamin Associate Professor, Department of Education, Bharathidasan University (CDE), Thiruchirappalli-24, India



Techno-Pedagogy, Technology, Teachers, Teaching, Learning, Attitude


Teaching jobs are regarded as the noblest of all the professions in the world. The quality of education in any educational institute hinges on the availability of good teachers. “Technology won’t replace teachers. But Teachers who use technology will probably replace Teachers who do not.” It is important to recognize that, the teachers are becoming more knowledgeable of Information and Communication Technology outcomes (ICTs), they continue to have knowledge or skill with which to integrate those technologies into their teaching. As the twentyfirst century approaches, the literate citizen is increasingly expected to use computer technology to access and manipulate information. Knowing how to manage electronic information from an ever-widening array of resources and in proliferating formats is essential. The education system was now witnessing a paradigm shift from the traditional chalk-and-board teaching methodology to digitizing the pedagogical approach through technical devices. A transformation would not only increase the capability of the teachers but would also widen the knowledge base of students so as make them competitive in the international arena. The technology orientation needs to improve in order to equip themselves to face the students belong to the digital era and also to face the challenges in the modern classroom.


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