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Industry, Startup, Resilience, Policy, Demand, Behavior


Economic globalization actually starts with the presence of foreign capital in a country. The foreign capital that the state gets literally comes from one of the country's national interests, so that the investors are willing to invest in their country. The existence of this globalization is the result of the expansion of capital or capitalism which has spread to the developed countries and extended to the countries of the developing countries. As one of the impact is the rising of Start Up industry including in Indonesia. The developing of resilience in Start Up industry need to look by informed of the updated creativty and also need assisted by the Government. Thus, with Start Up and creativity we tried to analyze by Systematic Literature Review with the perspective of Job Demand Resource and Behavior Intention. This article will maintain and identified of the value compared to new syllabels.


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Kustiningsih, N., Fatimah, N., Wahyono, D., & Hamdi. (2022). RESILIENCE IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF START UP IN INDONESIA BASED ON JOB DEMAND RESOURCE AND BEHAVIOR INTENTION PERSPECTIVE. International Journal of Engineering Technologies and Management Research, 9(4), 19–35.