• Theerawut Monta PhD (Candidate), School of Management, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
  • Dr. Fredric William Swierczek Director of Doctoral Program in Business, Thammasat University, Thailand



Cloud Computing, Banks, Decision Criteria, Service Quality


Cloud computing is emerging as key a technology platform for banking operations globally. In Asia, the progress of cloud application is relatively slow. This paper considers the major factors which influence a bank’s decision to contract with a technology service provider to implement a cloud based strategy. This research study identifies the trends in applying cloud computing in global banking with a focus on banks in Thailand. It will analyze the criteria IT executives in banks use to decide on the selection of technology service providers. Banks require the service provider to meet specific requirements for a cloud implementation project in a bank. A survey approach was used to identify the important criteria IT executives in banks use to select an IT technology provider for cloud applications. The sample included 367 bank IT executives and professionals in Thai and international banks based in Bangkok. SEM was used to analyze the data. Interviews were conducted with 21 IT executives for insights into their decision criteria. Service quality which is based on the conventional SERVQUAL indicators strongly influence the decision to choose a technology service provider. This selection is also influenced by the capability of service provider, their technical capability and the cloud application features. There are few studies in the literature on the decision criteria that banks use to select a provider for cloud computing application.


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