• Dr. N. Anandakrishnan Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, Providence College for Women, Coonoor, India
  • Neena Roshini .P Research Scholar, Department of Computer Science, Providence College for Women, Coonoor, India




MANET, Geographical Routing, APU, Mobile Nodes, Network, Wireless Topology


Geographical Routing is a routing methodology mainly used for wireless mobile networks (Mobile Adhoc Networks, MANETs). MANETs are comprised of mobile nodes or mobile computing devices which are free to move randomly and thus the network's wireless topology may also change randomly. In Geographical Routing, nodes need to maintain the current positions of their neighbors for making forwarding decisions and hence the Adaptive Position Update (APU) method is proposed. Based on the flexibility of the nodes and the forwarding decisions made in the network, APU dynamically keeps in track of the rate of position updates. It is based on nodes with movements which are complex to predict their updated positions frequently and also the nodes which are closer to forwarding paths and update their positions more frequently. The APU is validated by network simulations showing that APU can potentially reduce the traffic load and acknowledge the mobility of nodes. It also improves the routing performance in terms of packet delivery ratio and packet delays.


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