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Image Compression, Iterated Function System (IFS), Self-Similarity, Histogram, Encoding Time


Fractal image compression depends on self-similarity, where one segment of a image is like the other one segment of a similar picture. Fractal coding is constantly connected to grey level images. The simplest technique to encode a color image by gray- scale fractal image coding algorithm is to part the RGB color image into three Channels - red, green and blue, and compress them independently by regarding each color segment as a specific gray-scale image. The colorimetric association of RGB color pictures is examined through the calculation of the relationship essential of their three-dimensional histogram. For normal color images, as a typical conduct, the connection necessary is found to pursue a power law, with a non- integer exponent type of a given image. This conduct recognizes a fractal or multiscale self-comparable sharing of the colors contained, in average characteristic pictures. This finding of a conceivable fractal structure in the colorimetric association of regular images complement other fractal properties recently saw in their spatial association. Such fractal colorimetric properties might be useful to the characterization and demonstrating of natural images, and may add to advance in vision. The outcomes got demonstrate that the fractal-based compression for the color image fills in similarly with respect to the color image.


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