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Application, Permission, SPI, ESS Online, PT. Data Utama, Employees


PT. Data Utama is a company that organizes professional - international trade shows that have
500 permanent employees, 50 contract employees and 10 daily employees. PT. Data Utama has
many divisions / department, one of which is the Human Resources Department (HRD) which
has many documents for all employees. One of the duties of HRD is to manage the employee's
Application for Permit (SPI). During this time in managing SPI, the HR department still
collected SPI forms from employees. In the process of applying for permits and taking leave of
leave, the manual process still uses the application letter submitted to the supervisor. Then the
SPI that has been approved by the employer, therefore needs to submit an SPI form to the admin
section of the HRD for ratification of the employee permit application. This causes the work of
employees & HRD to be ineffective and inefficient. For this problem, an online Employee Self
Service (ESS) information system was created. The study was conducted using survey
techniques, where primary data collection was taken by distributing questionnaires to several
parts of PT. Data Utama. The expected results are knowing that this application can facilitate
the management of employee permit applications, so that from the input process to the search
for data that becomes easier, faster and more efficient.


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