• Rabar Mohammed Hussein Aquatic science department, Faculty of Aquaculture, Firat University-Elaizg
  • Bulent Sen Aquatic science department, Faculty of Aquaculture, Firat University-Elaizg
  • Feray Sonmez Aquatic science department, Faculty of Aquaculture, Firat University-Elaizg



Water Quality, Pollution, Eutrophication, Lake, Phosphors, Nitrogen


The paper recent by indices of water quality and effects of eutrophication, Water is one of the most widely distributed substances across the world’s surface and is crucial for a variety of aspects of human health, development and well-being as well as for the functioning of natural ecosystems. Eutrophication is an environmental process enrichment of waters by inorganic nutrients, especially these nutrients are nitrogen and phosphors and results from primary productions. On the other hand, Pollution by eutrophication due to the problems in lakes, rivers and marine habitat. Water quality is important for our health and well-being, can be used for diffident purposes.


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Hussein, R. M., Sen, B., & Sonmez, F. (2019). EUTROPHICATION PROCESSAND WATER QUALITY INDICES. International Journal of Engineering Technologies and Management Research, 6(9), 76–83.