• AmanuelGirmaYismalet Civil Engineering Department, PG student, PIT, Parul University, India
  • Asst. Prof. Dixit Patel Civil Engineering Department, Faculty, PIT, Parul University, India




Project Cost Management, Tendering, Cost Estimating, Cost Budgeting, Cost Control


Construction cost management is the most important function for project success, and the construction project performance is generally expressed in terms of cost and its variance from the budget. However, it has not been effectively used due to the presence of a large quantity of data with many complex interrelationships. Construction firms, being project based organizations, have to develop their project management capacity in order to accomplish firm and project objectives successfully. Hence contractors need to focus on project cost management process. The study presents the limitations, drawbacks and shortcomings of each project cost management functions related to current practices of domestic contractors, which need to be improved for achieving the predefined project objectives and the profitability of contractors along with the proposed improvement recommendations, through critical literature review.


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