• Merian C. Mani School of Education, Marinduque State College, Boac, Marinduque, Philippines
  • Diosadado P. Zulueta School of Business and Management, Marinduque State College, Boac, Marinduque, Philippines



Development, Higher Education, Research Productivity, Technology Transfer, Training


The study showcases the development of the R&D Unit of Marinduque State College (MSC) which started from almost zero budget into a thriving research institution to produce research outputs that were accepted and presented here and abroad. Documentary analysis was the methodology employed by the researcher reinforced by interview for supplemental data. The paper appraises the last 17 years performance of the College with regard to the number of research outputs made and presented in the local, regional/national and international conferences, the number of faculty members actively engaged in research, the number of published and reviewed papers and funded R&D proposals. Further, the extension activities to different communities in the province are also included in the study as well as the training services conducted by the College. Findings revealed that through the years, the RDE productivity of the College increased in terms of research outputs highlighting the attendance to various conferences, funded projects and published papers. In addition, extension activities and training development evidently contributed to the performance of the College with major increase also in numbers. Now that the College is aiming to become a university, wherein conducting different RDE activities is one factor that is being looked into to attain such goal, this paper is useful for this purpose.


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