• Dr. Zainal Abu Zarim Academic Prof. & Deputy Dean, Graduate School of Management Multimedia University, MALAYSIA
  • Hafizah Omar Zaki Researcher, Graduate School of Management, Multimedia University, MALAYSIA



Characteristics of Entrepreneurs, Success of a company, Key success factors, Malaysian SMEs


The SMEs Industry in Malaysia has expanded to almost every sector including manufacturing, services, agriculture, tourism, mining and quarry. Understanding the importance of retaining and expanding more entrepreneurs, this study had investigated success factors of entrepreneurial leaders at SME companies in Malaysia. The objective of this study is to analyze the success factors of entrepreneurs in the Malaysian SMEs. Data has been collected from top 50 SME award winning companies. The study has used the qualitative
approach,, where interviews are dispersed on these selected companies. We administered some questions based on key characteristics of an entrepreneur, as well some structured questions to determine a successful of a company. The result shows that, entrepreneurs are confident, determine, diligent, flexible, responsive to challenges, responsible, foresight, courageous, aggressive, and committed. Consistent to this, several elements that makes the company successful includes (1) strong financial control, (2) continuous improvement, (3) product quality and product safety as top priority, (4) hard work and team work, and (5) eagerness in taking challenges. These results has deemed that entrepreneurs in many aspects are also leaders that are risk averse and determine, and are eager to work on continuous improvement in a financially strong company.


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