• Dr. K. Aparna Assistant Professor in Humanities & Basic Science Department G. Pulla Reddy Engineering College (Autonomous) Kurnool – 518007, India
  • Dr. P. Murali Krishna Professor of Management & Dean, Industry Interface & International Collaboration (IIIC) Sri Krishnadevaraya University ANANTAPUR (AP) – 515003, India
  • Dr. V. Satish Kumar Dr. V. Satish Kumar, Professor of Industrial Management G. Pulla Reddy Engineering College (Autonomous) Kurnool – 518007, India



Consumer Behaviour, Preferences, Retail Format, Satisfaction, Shopping, Strategies, Store Attributes


Determining the dynamics of consumer behaviour is most challenging task for any marketer. It is, especially, important for retailers to develop in-depth consumer insight as they are in direct contact with customers and as purchasing has become increasingly experience-oriented. Now customers expect better purchasing experience with a wide range of merchandise, store ambience and visual merchandising. The Indian retail sector is witnessing a sea change and the emerging market is a spectator of major change in the growth pattern. Both existing and new players are trying out with new retail formats. These emerging retail formats offer extensive range to customers and offer an ideal shopping experience with a blend of product, entertainment, food and service, all under a single roof. Changing tastes and preferences of consumers’ are leading to necessary change in standard of living and spending pattern and this in turn is leading to surge in new business opportunities Thus, retailers have to make continuous innovations to enrich the shopping experience. Modern retailers may try to distinguish themselves on the basis of improved shopping experience from conventional retailers.


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