• Mohamed N. Al Khouli Department of Growth& Development disorders and its Surgery in Pediatric, Delta University for Science and Technology, Egypt.
  • Anees S. Ghait Department of Biomechanics, Kafrelsheikh University, Egypt
  • Amr A. Abogazya Department of Basic Science, Faculty of Physical Therapy, Kafrelsheikh University, Egypt



Postural Control, Stability, Backpack, Balance, Prep School Students


Background: The aim of this study was to evaluate the changes in postural control and stability among prep school students in Tanta city with and without backpacks. Method: The study was conducted with a sample of 30 children, 16 boys and 14 girls with a mean age (years) 13 + 1.03, body mass (kg) 40.6 + 10.14, height (m) 1, 50 + 0.15, BMI (kg / m²) 20.25 + 3.70. Samples were selected randomly, divided into 2 equal groups. Group (A):15 Participants tested with back packs, group (B): 15 Participants tested without back packs. Balance assessment was done in biomechanics lab, faculty of physical therapy, Delta University for Science & Technology. The dynamic balance parameters (Anterior posterior (AP), Mediolateral (ML) and Overall (OA) stability indices) measured by Biodex Balance System at stability level-7, with standard load (3 kg), based on average back pack mass of the volunteers. Results: the results suggest there was statistical significant difference between both groups (A&B) (P< 0.05). There is decrease in balance parameters including (OA, AP and MLindices) at seven level of stability during the dynamic balance test in group A which tested with back packs compared with group B which tested without backpacks. Conclusions: When comparing between the mean values of participant's stability indices (OA, AP and ML) at stability level-7 within the same group (A or B), there was no statistical significant difference (P> 0.05).


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