• Ing.Darina Matisková PhD., MBA Technical University of Kosice Faculty of Manufacturing Technologies with a seat in Presov Department of Industrial Engineering and Informatics, Bayerova 1, 08001 Presov Slovac Republic



Effectivity, Production Cost, Economic Reasons, Optimizing, Machining


The aim of this paper is to theoretically evaluate the process of machining metallic materials and at the same time evaluate the cost reduction defined by the evaluation criteria. When cutting conditions and tool durability optimizing, it is necessary to apply certain optimizing criterion within certain restraining conditions. [12] The restrictions are given by technical parameters of a machine, tool, machined material, required quality of machined surface etc. The essential economic criterion is the amount of production cost. The notion of “machinability of materials” is a complex of characteristics of the machined material which is monitored in the view of its fitness for the production in a certain way of machining.


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