• Sudesh Singh Rana Department of ECE, Sir Padampat Singhania University, INDIA



PID controller, fuzzy logic controller, fuzzy PID controller, MATLAB Simulink


Now a day, in many industries different types of controllers (PD, PID, PLC, FLC etc.) are used. One of them is fuzzy logic controller. Here we develop a PID like fuzzy logic controller for industrial application, such application is water purification plant. For developing the PID like FLC, first we have to design a PID algorithm than we develop an algorithm for fuzzy logic controller. By comparing this two of controller we will develop a PID like FLC. A simple PID controller is sum of three type of controller proportional, integral and derivative controller, after simulated on MATLAB. Same cases we can be develop a structure of FLC for water purification plant. In the water purification plant raw water or ground water is promptly purified by injecting chemical rates at rates, related to water quality [13][2]. The feed of chemical rate judged and determined by the skilled operator. Here we try to develop an FLC algorithm so that the feed rate of coagulant is can be judged automatically without any skilled operator, than compose a PID like FLC for water purification plant process.


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