• Ghufran T. Sadeek Chemistry Dept.College Of Education Of Pure Science,Mosul University-Iraq
  • Mohammad S.Al-jely Chemistry Dept.College Of Education For Girls, Mosul University-Iraq
  • Neim H. Saleem Chemistry Dept.College Of Education Of Pure Science,Mosul University-Iraq



New, Approach, Aroyloxy, Oxazines


Oxazine compounds have drew the attention  of many researchers to find different approaches to the synthesis of this type of compounds  according to the success of their use in a wide range of pharmaceutical application during the last decades  .It is  also for the difference    reactivity of these analogues is exhaustively depicted and illustrates the rich versatility of this class of starting material. They proved to have  most of actions of a combination of other drugs. We are herein investigate the synthesis of ethyl aryloxy acetate(S1-6)  from the reaction of the corresponding ethyl bromo acetate with aryl phenols .These intermediates were cyclized with antharanilic acid affording the titled compounds


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