• Sraboni Bagchi Lecturer, Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Pabna University of Science and Technology, Pabna, Bangladesh
  • K. M. Sharf Uddin Associate Professor, Department of Management, Islamic University, Kushtia, Bangladesh



Tourism, Tourism Destinations, Service Industry, Ranking Methods, MCDM


Tourism is the most prominent service industry and one of the world's fastest-growing businesses. One of the most immediate issues in the tourist business is assessing and evaluating tourism destinations. Due to the wide variety of variations across tourism sites, comparing them is a challenging process. This study focuses on various Multi-Criteria Decision-Making methods which can be used for assessing and ranking tourist destinations. Although we discovered a number of MCDM techniques for evaluating tourism destinations, they are not extensively employed. So far, the major reasons have been recognized as a lack of knowledge of the procedures, a lack of understanding of their implications, difficulties collecting data, a lack of interest, etc. The purpose of this review article is to give an overview of several MCDM approaches and their implications for ranking tourism destinations. Based on a review of relevant works of literature, this paper describes the phases, strengths, and limits of several MCDM approaches that will be beneficial in deciding which method to employ for evaluating tourism destinations.


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