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Homeschooling is a subject of great fascination, but little solid knowledge. Despite its importance, it has received less research attention than some other recent changes in the educational system, such as the growth of charter schools. It could be argued that home schooling may have a much larger impact on educational system, both in the short and long run. Despite the fact that some people are against the homeschooling scheme, most developing nations have introduced it and made it legal. In this study a small attempt has been made to understand the concept of homeschooling and its view in Indian perspective. Homeschooling is not commonly used in India, but it has increased in popularity in recent years. Homeschooling is often confused with online education in India. Homeschooling is not connected with e-learning or online learning. As per the RTE Act there is no scope for Homeschooling in India, so there is a need of certain amendments in the Act. 


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