• Dipak Bej Ph.D. Scholar, SOS in Geography, Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur
  • Dr. N K Baghmar Retd. Professor, SOS in Geography ,Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur




LULC, Digital change detection NRSC, Remote Sensing, Sentinal

Abstract [English]

Land is the only valuable resource of the earth which separate the earth other planet. Land is the base of life, the changing pattern of uses of land has been seen over time from the Stone Age to modern time. On that way the present study area of Maniyari basin has also been noticed remarkable changes. Digital change detection methods used to identifying changes related with land use and land cover features using multi temporal remote sensing data. The objectives of the paper analyse the changes of land uses over time as well as the factor which is responsible for the transformation of the land. LANDSAT ETM+ for the time frame of 2010 and Sentinal 2 data for the time frame of 2020 has been used for this present study. Total area of the study region approximately 3700 sq. km. LULC Mapping has consisted of basically four steps: Data acquisition, Data processing, interpretation/classification, post verification through ground truth. NRSC LULC Classification schema 2019 has been used for Land use Land cover mapping. Agriculture Cropland. LULC classes which has been identified in this present study are Barren Rocky, Built up, Rural Built up, Urban, Canal, Dense scrub, Forest, Forest Plantation, Gullied/Ravines, Industrial/Mining, Lake/Pond, Open Scrub, Reservoir/Tank, River/Stream, Water logged. It has been found that 145 ha. Open scrub and 98 ha forest land converted in to agricultural land.70 ha. of outer reservoir land converted in to agricultural land. Significant changes in the outer forest ecosystem have occurred in the study region, and it must be reconstructed for tribal community who were relying heavily on natural resources.


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Bej, D., & Baghmar, N. K. (2022). A SPATIO-TEMPORAL STUDY OF LAND USE LAND COVER ANALYSIS IN MANIYARI BASIN USING GIS AND REMOTE SENSING TECHNIQUES. International Journal of Research -GRANTHAALAYAH, 10(6), 1–9. https://doi.org/10.29121/granthaalayah.v10.i6.2022.4635