• Surajit Bhattachaaryya Department of Mathematics, Seth Anandram Jaipuria College,(The University of Calcutta), West Bengal, India



Hermitian, Skew Hermitian, Normal, Diagonalizable Matrix, Eigen Values, Block Diagonal Matrix Spectrum

Abstract [English]

Matrix---not only the arrays of numbers but also has been used as a tool for many calculations in various subjects. Its inverse, eigen values, eigen vectors are of great importance to know its characters. In this paper I have discussed about some new properties of Hermitian, Skew Hermitian matrices, diagonalisation, eigen values, eigen vectors, spectrum, which will open up a new horizon to the students of Mathematics. Also, in this paper I have authored two totally new theorems for students and researchers . SB’s Theorem 1 is on Normality of a block diagonal matrix and SB’s Theorem 2 is on Spectrum of eigen values. These ideas came to me in course of teaching. Hope, these two theorems will be of great help for the students of Physics and Chemistry as well.


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