• Dr. Jorge Daher Nader Professor At The University Of Guayaquil, Ecuador
  • Dr. Amelia Patricia Panunzio Professor at the University of Guayaquil, Ecuador
  • Dr. Marlene Hernández Navarro University of Zulia, Venezuela



Scientific, Research, University, Management

Abstract [English]

Research management is conceptualized as the institutional activity oriented to the search, study, knowledge of reality, systematization of this knowledge and its transfer to satisfy needs and contribute to solving the problems of society. The results obtained in this article about scientific research, seem to be common to the scope of this research; What is clear is that the low motivation of teachers for research constitutes a common denominator in the universities of Ecuador, which, in the opinion of the author, can be increased if the management of the research process favors the institutional, administrative, curricular conditions that articulate the practice of teaching with research practice.


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