• Prof.(Dr.) Pooja Gupta H.O.D. Department of Fine Arts,Nandlal Bose Subharti College of Fine Arts & Fashion Design, Swami Vivekanand Subharti University, Meerut, India



Reflection, Society, Reference, Paintings

Abstract [English]

The relation of visual art, artists and society is the focal point around which this paper rotates. There exists a reciprocal connection between the three, which has to be comprehended concurrently. Society needs art, and artists not only for enriching its culture, but also for the very development of humankind. This mutual relationship is consequently set beneath the sociological microscope and an effort has been made to comprehend the diverse nuances of the lives of the respondent artists. An artist is dependent in one way or another on other people around him and is enmeshed in a whole series of social relationships. Social issues are one of the major themes of the artwork of number of the artists. Anything that moves the artists or appeals to their artistic sense becomes their motivation for creation. The other thing that inspired them was that, for the artists, painting is a desire, a need, an urge, or a drive to communicate and express. For some it is like meditation or doing practice. It is more of a psychological satisfaction that they gain by giving this passion an expression. The need to earn a living also at times motivated them to create. The artist’s personal experiences in life, their frustrations, joys and happiness inspire them to paint.


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