• Pandey Munish Department of Physics, K. M. Agrawal Collage, Maharastra, India
  • Badlani Richa Department of Physics, R.K.T. Collage, Maharastra, India



Dielectric, Dielectric Loss, Papain, A.C. Conductivity

Abstract [English]

Enzyme doped polypyrrole polymer were synthesized by in situ polymerization where ferric chloride works as an oxidizing agent. The different weight percent of papain was added at the time of polymerization. The polypyrrole-papain composite of various composition was analyzed for its dielectric and a. c. conductivity by using LCR meter at room temperature. Dielectric constant and loss decreases, with escalation in frequency. The variation in dielectric constant and dielectric loss was also noted with change in papain percentage in pyrrole.


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