• Evelyn A. Leynes Mindoro State College of Agriculture and Technology, Main Campus, Alcate, Victoria, Oriental Mindoro (Philippines)




Student Welfare Services, Institutional Program and Services Innovative Practices, Management Plan

Abstract [English]

This study looked into the profile of the program implementers in terms of age, sex, and educational attainment, number of years as service practitioners and trainings and seminars attended. Likewise it also covered the assessment on the different institutional programs and services which include admission services, guidance and counseling services, scholarship and financial assistance, food services, health services, library services and student housing. The integration of innovative practices in the delivery of quality student services were also determined. Research design was descriptive with the questionnaire as the main data gathering instrument complemented by interview and focus group discussion. Respondents of the study were 84 program implementers and 331 student leaders in the three state colleges in Mindoro and Marinduque (MIMA) provinces including their satellite campuses. Profile description of the program implementers revealed majority were female, middle –aged between 25-35 years of age, masteral degree holders with at most ten years in service as student service implementers. Attended trainings were relatively few.  Further, the program implementers assessed the quality services delivery for admission, guidance and counselling services, scholarship and financial assistance were   delivered to a great extent while health, food and library services were rated moderate extent. Housing services were delivered to a slight extent. On the other hand, student leaders rated the quality services delivery of all areas was to a moderate extent. Significant differences in the assessments between program implementers and student leaders were noted in most areas except for student housing services where both concurred delivery to a slight extent. More so, the innovative practices to achieve quality student service delivery were delivered to a moderate extent.  Based on the findings, a management plan for quality student service delivery for Mindoro and Marinduque state colleges was prepared. It was recommended that the management plan be reviewed for enhancement and tried for implementation to achieve quality student service delivery.


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