• Umurhurhu Benjamin Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology, Delta State Polytechnic, Ozoro, Nigeria
  • Uguru Hilary Department of Agricultural and Bio-environmental Engineering Technology, Delta State Polytechnic, Ozoro, Nigeria




Compression Loading, Bello Eggplant Fruit, Rupture Force, Toughness, Power

Abstract [English]

The mechanical properties of eggplant fruit (cv. Bello) harvested at physiological maturity stage were evaluated in three storage periods (3d, 6d and 9d). These mechanical parameters (rupture force, rupture energy and deformation at rupture point) were measured under quasi compression loading, using the Universal Testing Machine (Testometric model). The fruit’s toughness and rupture power were calculated from the data obtained from the rupture energy and deformation at rupture point. Results obtained showed that mechanical properties of the Bello eggplant fruit exhibited strong dependence on the storage period. The results showed that as the Bello fruit stored longer, its rupture force and rupture energy decreased from 812 N to 411 N, and 5.58 Nm to 3.11 Nm respectively. While the rupture power decreased from 1.095 W to 0.353 W. On the contrary, the toughness and deformation at rupture increased from 0.270 mJ/mm3 to 0.403 mJ/mm3, and 16.99 mm to 25.22mm respectively during the 9 days storage period. The knowledge of the mechanical properties of fruits is important for their harvest and post-harvest operations, therefore, information obtained from this study will be useful in the design and development of machines for the mechanization of eggplant production.


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