• Dr.Adam Dawria Assistant Professor PhD at King Khalid University College of Applied Medical Science Public Health Department. WOH Independent Consultant
  • Dr.ali Mohieldin PhD, Associate Professor, King Khalid University, College of Applied Medical Science, Departments of Public Health
  • Dr.Fatima Alshehk PhD, Senior Lecturer at King Khalid University, College of Applied Medical Science, Departments of Public Health
  • Zamzam Omer Tutu Public Health Officer at river Nile state, Atbara Locality




Immunisation, Missed Opportunity, Children, Hospital

Abstract [English]

Immunization has often been cited as one of the greatest medical success stories in human history. A cross-sectional hospital based study conducted from the period started from March 2016 to December 2016 .the study aimed to assess the missed opportunity of vaccine amongst under 24 months in Shendi locality, Total of 220 children under 2 years were been selected using convenience universal coverage for all children attending to the hospital seeking medical care, structured Questionnaire filed by their care givers. Our results revealed that, the prevalence of missed opportunity among the study population were 35% as aver all children examined, 20 % for BCG, 23% (Penta, Rota and polio vaccines), 40% for Measles 1st dose and 60% for Measles 2nd dose. These results show high percentage of dropout due to the missed opportunity from the main hospital in the Shendi locality. The main recommendations of our study are, institute primary health care unit to provide immunisation services in the teaching hospital and this is will minimize the gab of vaccine missed opportunity ,implement intensive health education programme to the local community especially rural community.


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