• Tarek Khalil IST Department, Sur University Collage, Oman
  • Mohammad Al-Refai IST Department, Sur University Collage, Oman
  • Amer Nizar Fayez IST Department, Sur University Collage, Oman
  • Mohammed SharafQudah IST Department, Sur University Collage, Oman



Big Data, CR, Competitive Advantage, Business Model, Analytical Tools

Abstract [English]

We established a framework to explore the feasibility of enabling big data within the customer relationship management (CRM) strategies in Oman for creating sustainable business profit nationwide. A qualitative evaluation was made based on predictive analytics convergence and big data facilitated CRM. It was found that the big data analytics can meticulously alter the competitive industrial setting, and thereby proffered notable benefits to the business organization in terms of operation, strategies, and competitiveness. Results revealed that companies must introduce analytical tools, real-time data, and hire talented as well as skilled employees to improve the productivity in consistent with the new business model. Furthermore, depending on the customer engagement, an assemblage and analysis of enormous data volume together with analytical tools was discerned to assist companies towards efficient resource allocation and capital spending. The implications of using big data for CRM in Oman and way forward were emphasized.


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Khalil, T., Mohammad, A.-R., Fayez, A. N., & Mohammed, S. (2017). TOWARDS EFFECTIVE CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT IN OMAN: ROLE OF BIG DATA. International Journal of Research -GRANTHAALAYAH, 5(10), 92–100.