• Vinod Sawant M.Phil, Scholar, Department of Mass Communication, INDIA
  • Dr. RajendraMohanty Assistant Professor, KushabhauThakrePatrakaritaAvamJansancharVishwavidyalaya, Raipur (C.G), INDIA



Third Gender, Media And Mainstream

Abstract [English]

Third gender to we calls hijras,fa'afafine, sworn virgins or transgender. This community is far away from their identity and main stream of society because we the people of this society only discuss them and we had done a research on it that how our print media covers them. For this we had taken four main newspapers published from Raipur i,eDainikBhaskar, NaiDunia, Haribhoomi and Nava Bharat, And in this research its we had find out that the coverage of this community in these newspapers are nil. The editors of these newspaper thinks that the coverage of the community is low due to low involvement of this community in society whereas this community thinks that they are doing that kind of work which can be a news for media.


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