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Natural Resources, Sustaining, Conservation, Social Development

Abstract [English]

The importance of natural resources in sustaining productivity and environmental protection is now relatively more realized than the past. Over the past few decades or so, more and more attention is being paid all over the world to conserve the Natural Resources. Natural resources are important material basis for a stable economy and social development too With Industrialization and Urbanization, mankind’s great demand for natural resources and their large scale exploitation and consumption has resulted in the weakening, deterioration and exhaustion of these resources. Human existence depends on the natural resources and the environment and the maintenance of which is now increasingly being considered as essential for mankind.  As human populations increase and natural resources become more limited, there is a critical need for trained conservation professionals in natural resources conservation.

Natural Resources are those environmental gifts which satisfy the human wants. They are the means of attaining social objectives. Conservation of natural resources is the wise use of the earth's resources by humanity to achieve its benefits for the longest possible period of time and ensure availability of these resources for the further generation. One difficult task faced by all countries is to guarantee the lasting utilization of natural resources at the lowest possible environmental cost while still assuring economical and social development.


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