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Environment, biological

Abstract [English]

Environment is a gift of nature. A clean envi­ronment helps in the healthy growth of biological species. But any disorder and chaos in the environ­ment has far reaching effects over all life forms including man. These disorders may be caused by natural hazards and pollution which have attracted our attention in recent years.

It is essential to make the public aware of the formidable consequences of the Environmental Degradation, if not retorted and reformative measures undertaken would result in the extinction of life.

We are facing various environmental problems. It is essential to get the country acquainted with these problems so that their acts may be eco-friendly. Some of these problems are as under:

A population of over thousands of millions is growing at 2.11 per cent every year. It puts considerable pressure on its natural resources and reduces the gains of development. Hence, the greatest problem before us is to limit the population growth. Although population control does automatically lead to development, yet the development leads to a decrease in population growth rates.

India has often been described a rich land with poor people. The poverty and environmental degradation have a nexus between them. The vast majority of our people are directly dependent on the nature resources of the country for their basic needs of food, fuel shelter and fodder. About 40% of our people are still below the poverty line.

Environment degradation has adversely affected the poor who depend upon the resources of their immediate surroundings. Thus, the problem of poverty and the problem environment degradation are two facts of the same problem. The population growth is essentially a function of poverty. Because, to the very poor, every child is an earner and helper and global concerns have little relevance for him.

The people must be acquainted with the methods to sustain and increase agricultural growth with damaging the environment. High yielding varieties have caused soil salinity and damage to physical structure of soil.

It is essential of rationalizing the use of groundwater. Factors like community wastes, industrial effluents and chemical fertilizers and pesticides have polluted our surface water and affected quality of the groundwater.

It is essential to restore the water quality of our rivers and other water body as lakes is an important problem. It so finding our suitable strategies for consecration of water, provision of safe drinking water and keeping water bodies clean which are difficult problems is essential.


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