• M. AzharulHaque Dept. of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Bangladesh University of Business &Technology, BANGLADESH
  • R. Karim Dept. of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Uttara University, BANGLADESH



Elis, Spatial Database, Attribute Database, Total Station, Land Use, Bangla Interface, Mouza Map

Abstract [English]

An overview of the application software for storage, integration and management of Land Records and Environmental Data has been presented. The title of the software is “Environmental Land Information System”, abbreviated as “ELIS”. Modern hardware technologies like Total Station, Satellite, GPS, Digitizer, scanner along with computer have been used where software technologies like GIS and RDBMS have also been used in capturing, collecting, storing, integrating, and retrieving data. Technologies like plotter has been used in generating various maps including mouza map. A Bangla interface was also integrated with the system for writing Bangla scripts on maps and other land records. Two separate types of databases have been created – one for attribute data and the other for spatial data. The application software has the capability to append new data- attribute and spatial, to the databases to update and enrich the databases. This article gives a conceptual view of the software. The main emphasis in developing the software was in the use of GIS and Bangla interface.


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