• Dr. Gopal Krishna Thakur School of Education, MGAHV, Wardha, Maharashtra, INDIA



Higher Education, Faculty Wise Enrolment, Level Wise Enrolment, Historical Anecdotes, Genesis Of Present System, Expansion Of Universities

Abstract [English]

Higher education is considered as an invaluable instrument for the sustainable development of human being and society through a dynamic process of creation, advancement, and dissemination of knowledge. In a fast developing country like India the role of higher education assume utmost importance. Universities have a pivotal role in realizing this goal. Our higher education system has had a glorious past in the form of world-class universities like Nalanda, Vikramsila, and Taxila, which attracted students and intellectuals from all over the world those days. However, in the present time we are lagging far behind in terms of qualitative education and research. This necessitates a serious concern and introspection to look into the nuances and flaws of our system that make our higher education system stand at where it is now. This paper, based on the analysis of various reports and Govt. documents, discusses some of the issues, which are at the core of the main concerns pertaining to higher education in India. Taking a snapshot of the historical trajectory of higher education system in India to the present time, this paper presents an overview of the higher education system in India and points out some most relevant concerns troubling the issue at the core.


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