• Rutuja Y.Khadse Dept. of Electronics, Sinhgad College of Engineering,Pune,Maharashtra, INDIA
  • Dr.S.S.Lokhande Dept. of Electronics, Sinhgad College of Engineering,Pune,Maharashtra, INDIA
  • Prof.S.A.Koti Dept. of Electronics, Sinhgad College of Engineering,Pune,Maharashtra, INDIA



Video Surveillance System, CCTV, Unattended Object, Object Detection, Background Subtraction

Abstract [English]

In recent year’s surveillance system have become more popular in the field of computer vision. An object which is left at a particular place under surveillance and unattended over a period of time is called unattended object. Places like airports, railway stations, big shopping malls etc. where there is potentially high security threat detecting unattended object is a very important. The main aim of project is to develop intelligent vision based analyserbased on MATLAB using Image processing for unattended object detection.The detection is based on a simple mathematical model and works efficiently. The pre-processing involves a dual-time background subtraction algorithm which dynamically updates two sets of background, one after a very short interval and the other after a relatively longer duration. The framework of the proposed algorithm is based on the Approximate Median model.


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