• Dr. Saroj Kothari Professor & Head, Department of Psychology, Govt. M.L.B.P.G. Girls College, Indore
  • Deepak Jahagirdar Research Scholar (Psychology), Govt. M.L.B.P.G. Girls College, Indore



Colour, Human Beings, Nature

Abstract [English]

The effects of colour on life have been of great significance to early human beings, whose very existence was governed by light and darkness. Most living things appear to be vitalized by the bright reds, oranges, and yellows of daylight and calmed and rejuvenated by the blues, indigos, and violets of the night (Graham, 1998). The story of colour is almost the story of civilization itself. Man’s love of colour is as old as his time on earth, and it is apparent in his early pottery and art. “Colour acts upon the human body; it is the key touched by man to obtain the appropriate vibration from his creative spirit” (Kandinsky 1914). All nature was coloured and ancient man tried to emulate it, copy it, and symbolize it.


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