• Dr. Diganta Rajbongshi Assistant Professor, Department of Assamese, Dhamdhama Anchalik College, Nalbari, Assam, 781349, India



Assamese Travel Literature-Trend, Traveler’s History, Assamese Travel Writings

Abstract [English]

Travel literature is one of the latest genres of literature which has been written only after travelling by human. Basically, the humans’ history is traveler’s history and it is related to the primitive needs like food, cloth and residence. In the modern world, the purpose of travel has explored the diverse cultures and creates a sense of understanding. Besides all this, people like to travel as per their current requirements in the 21st century. It is mentionable that the governance of Assam has handed over to British in 1826 and a new law and order has formed. Assamese society is changed in all fields i.e. political, economic, social, educational and cultural etc. Due to all these, the people of Assam showed their interest in many fields and necessarily made some internal and external journey. As the result of this, the Assamese travel writings have gradually increased. Assamese travel literature is the next form of that tradition which have a unique identity and characteristics. As time passes through, the tendencies of primitive travel has converted into practical travel and the Assamese people have gathered some experiences which are the main sources of writings. Mentionable that these writings can be perfect travel literature only after merged with literary virtue. It is true even in the context of Assamese travel literature too and the prosperity and development of this genre is proved today. But a deep study of this genre has not done yet and that’s why the necessity of the study encourages for this research paper where the pre and post-Independence Assamese travel literature will be analytically discussed as Assamese Travel literature-trend, classification and characteristic.


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