• Sandeep B Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, VVIET - VTU, Mysuru, Karnataka, India
  • Dr. Suma Associate Professor, Electronics and Communication Engineering, VVIET - VTU, Mysuru, Karnataka, India
  • Arjun Dev K UG Students, Department of Mechanical Engineering, VVIET - VTU, Mysuru, India
  • Darshan S UG Students, Department of Mechanical Engineering, VVIET - VTU, Mysuru, India
  • Ganesh B S UG Students, Department of Mechanical Engineering, VVIET - VTU, Mysuru, India
  • Mayoora M UG Students, Department of Mechanical Engineering, VVIET - VTU, Mysuru, India



Bricks, Plastics, Paver Blocks, Prototype, Machine

Abstract [English]

The present world is witnessing the challenges of managing the waste or life span ended components or parts or structures made out of plastics of different grades. Researchers have always found some technological breakthrough in managing those plastics which are affecting or polluting the environment by coming up with innovative techniques of recycling those plastics making them less toxic, biodegradable, and easy handling or disposing suitably. To manage waste plastics always many materials developer have found better path in this regard. Considering such potential situations, an attempt has been made to develop a prototype machine which uses waste plastics to produce paver blocks.


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B, S., Suma, K, A. D., S, D., B S, G., & M, M. (2023). MANUFACTURE OF PAVER BLOCKS USING A PROTOTYPE WASTE PLASTIC MELTING MACHINE. International Journal of Research -GRANTHAALAYAH, 11(2), 134–144.