• Lalitha, G Research Scholar, DOS In Geography, University of Mysore, Mysuru-570 006, India
  • Jayashree P Professor of Geography, DOS in Geography, University of Mysore, Mysuru-570 006, India




Bio Medical Waste (BMW), Aches And Pains, Cardiac Related Issues, Psychological Symptoms And Other Symptoms

Abstract [English]

Sharps, infectious, medicinal, and radioactive waste, as well as other hazardous and poisonous components of waste from healthcare facilities, pose serious risks to both human health and the environment if they are not properly handled, disposed of, or prohibited from being mixed with other municipal waste. The present study deals with analysis of health issues reported by the individuals dwelling in nearby areas. A total of 120 respondents were selected for the study and they were administered a structured checklist to assess the presence/absence of various health issues – a. aches and pains, b. cardiac related issues, c. psychological symptoms and d. other symptoms affecting effective management of BMW. Chi-square tests were employed to analyse the results and results revealed on the whole, 19.0% of the respondent’s reported headaches. 29.7% of them indicated general fatigue, 34.5% of them reported eye irritation, 20.3% of them reported throat irritation and 19.3% of them reported joint pain. In the case of cardiac related ailments, 21.7% of the selected sample experienced shortness of breath, 25.2% of them reported cough, 17.9% of them indicated chest pain, 11.7% of them reported chest heaviness and 16.9% of them experienced chest tightness. In psychological issues, 20.3% of the selected sample experienced difficulty in concentrating, 24.8% of them reported irritability, and 11.0% of them indicated depression. In other symptoms, 22.1% of the respondents reported Diarrhea, 19.7% of the indicated Constipation, 18.6% of them reported rashes, 31.0% of them indicated nasal stiffness, 11.7% of them indicated nose bleeding, 37.6% of them reported nausea, and 27.2% of them reported vomiting. Age related increase in the specific health were found in the cases of headache, general fatigue, eye irritation, throat irritation, cough, chest heaviness, irritability and depression, nasal stiffness, nasal bleeding, nausea and vomiting.


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