• Rajdeep Nag Research Scholar, Royal School of Commerce, Assam Royal Global University, India
  • Dr. Sudip Chakraborty Assistant Professor and Dy. Dean i/c, Royal School of Commerce, Assam Royal Global University, India
  • Dr. Nikhil Bhusan Dey Emeritus Prof. and Former Dean, Mahatma Gandhi School of Economics and Commerce, Assam University, India



Investment, Mutual Funds, Attitude Of Investors

Abstract [English]

Savings and investment are important facets of a person’s life. These are the steps towards financial independence and well-being. When it comes to investment there are plethora of risky high return options as well as safe but low return options. Investment in high return options is considered necessary to create wealth and beat the negative impact of inflation. This calls for investment in risky capital market. In this context mutual funds have become one of the viable options for investors. This research article is an attempt to study the preference for mutual fund investment by the retail investors of Guwahati city of Assam. The study revealed that mutual funds has become one of the popular investment options among investors in Guwahati.


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