• Aldawaha Mohammed Aldawaha PhD Nursing Science Candidate, Alneleen University, Sudan
  • Higazi Mohammed Ahmed Associate Professor Medical Surgical Nursing, Karary University, Sudan
  • Hanadi Mohammed Mukhtar Assistant Professor Pediatric Nursing, Alneleen University, Sudan



Blood Borne Diseases, Nurses, Competence, Safety Measures

Abstract [English]

Background: Nurses play an important role at the dialysis units, they are the key health caregivers responsible for applying the foremost skills and principles of infection control steps throughout the process of hemodialysis. This may reflect their attitude and knowledge of infection control principles. Aim: This study aims at Assess Nurse’s Practice Regarding Use of Infection Control Safety Measures Blood Born Diseases in Hemodialysis Units.
Methods: This is a descriptive, cross-sectional hospital-based study, conducted at Khartoum main haemodialys). Itentres- Khartoum State, Sudan. Six main governmental hospitals were selected, plus the hospitals that provide haemodialysis. Seventy nurses providing haemodialysis nursing were enrolled in this study, data was collected using self-administered questionnaire with an observational check list for data collection, data analysis was carried out using the statistical package for social sciences (SPSS), and the results were presented in descriptive and numerical forms as well as cross tables.
Result: This study, revealed that the level of practice and using of the standards of infection control percussions; 65 (92.9%) of participants used gloves among isolated and re-used it among non-isolated patients, around half of the participants 36 (51.4%) did not use hand washing, following patient or patient’s tools touching, where may have led to spread of blood borne diseases. There was no significant relationship between the practices and the study group, regarding the of level experience P-value < 0.445. The level of practices was satisfied. So, the level of practice regarding the hazards of contamination is recommended to establish in- service regular staff training to encourage infection control management, standardize practices check list.


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Mohammed Aldawaha, A., Mohammed Ahmed, H., & Mohammed Mukhtar, H. (2022). NURSE’S PRACTICE REGARDING USE OF INFECTION CONTROL SAFETY MEASURES IN HEMODIALYSIS UNITS- AT KHARTOUM STATE, SUDAN. International Journal of Research -GRANTHAALAYAH, 10(8), 45–50.