• Tesema Feyissa China Agricultural University, College of Resource and Environmental Science, P. O. Box 100083, Beijing, China
  • Wakjira Gurmesa China Agricultural University, College of Resource and Environmental Science, P. O. Box 100083, Beijing, China, Holeta Poly Technic College, Department of crop production, P.O. Box 11, Holeta, Ethiopia.



China, Ethiopia, Land, Crop production, Food security, GDP per capita

Abstract [English]

The main challenge of agriculture is to ensure food security in line with yield increases and minimize environmental costs due to complex interactions between social, economic, and ecological factors. Here we review to identify the impacts of socio-economic factors on crop production efficiency between China and Ethiopia. To set the economic reform and improve the grain yields in rural China, a series of policies on land reforms from communal systems to tax cancelation and subsidies have been implemented. Similar to China, Ethiopia has also experienced different types of land reform from landlord and peasant structure to land as the common property of nations, nationalities, and peoples of Ethiopia. The Gross Domestic Products per capita trends which represent the mean standard of leaving of residents in a country show almost similar growth in the 1980s while later significant variation was achieved between the two countries. It is suggested that to meet food security and increase agricultural efficiency in Ethiopia better infrastructure development that meets socio-economic demands should be prioritized while in China policies to reduce fertilizer inputs are highly recommended to minimize the environmental costs due to high agricultural inputs for sustainable agriculture growth.


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