• L. S. Razafindrakoto
  • S. Ramananarivo
  • H. L. Rakotonirainy
  • H. F. Ranaivoarisoa
  • A.M. S. Rabotovao
  • M.L Rakotoarivelo
  • R. Ramananarivo



Rural Financing System, Financial Needs, Financial Priority, Behavioural Logic, Social Obligation, Behavioural Change

Abstract [English]

Madagascar is committed to implementing local financial services to facilitate rural households' access to these various services and promote rural development. The objective of the study is to understand the realities of the financing system in rural areas and more particularly in the rural commune of Alakamisy Itenina in vohibato district, and this, through the experience of rural households that determine the different financial needs and their financial priority. Using the Schwartz formula, surveys of 81 households were statistically treated. The results show that rural households prioritize social needs by meeting the social obligations dictated by fihavanana. The first place of the social obligations is perceived through the attachment to the traditional practice by the proverb “atero k'alao” which means "one receives by giving". This is how behavioural logic has been observed in localities far from financial services. Changing this behavioral logic turns out to be the best option. Rural households should accept new forms of financial innovation.


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