• Jean-Claude Perez Phd Maths § Computer Science Bordeaux University, RETIRED Interdisciplinary Researcher (IBM Emeritus, IBM European Research Center On Artificial Intelligence Montpellier), Bordeaux Metropole, France



Vaccines, Spikes, Fibonacci, Numerical

Abstract [English]

In this paper, we suggest a biomathematical numerical method for analysing mRNA nucleotides sequences based on UA/CG Fibonacci numbers proportions.

This method is used to evaluate then compare the spike genes related to the main SARS-CoV2 VARIANTS currently circulating within the world population.

The 10 main results proposed to be reproduced by peers are:

  • SARS-CoV2 genome and spike evolution in one year 2020-2021.

  • SARS-CoV2 Origins.

  • Comparing 11 reference variants spikes.

  • Analysing 32 CAL.20C California variant patients’ spikes.

  • Toward a meta mRNA Fibonacci gene end message code.

  • Analysing S501 UK, S484 South Africa and « 2 mutations » INDIA variants.

  • Suggesting a possible variants spike mRNA palindrome symmetry metastructure improving mRNA stability then infectiousness.

  • Analysing Fibonacci Metastructures in the mRNA coding for the vaccines PFIZER and MODERNA.

  • Does the CG-rich modification of the synonymous codons of the spikes of the 2 mRNA vaccines affect the expression and quantity of SARS-CoV2 antibodies?

  • The exceptional case of the Brazilian variant P.1.

Particularly, we suggest the following conjecture at mRNA folding level:


The growth of long Fibonacci structures in the shape of "podiums" for almost all of the variants studied (UK, California, South Africa, India, etc.) suggests the probable folding of the Spike mRNA in the form of a "hairpin", which can strengthen the cohesion and the lifespan of this mRNA.

Finally, we show that these kinds of Fibonacci matastructures disapear TOTALLY by analysing the published mRNA sequences of PFIZER and MODERNA vaccines. One fact is certain, the two mRNAs of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines will result in a low functionality of the spike vaccine. This is because their designers by seeking greater stability, have doped to build CG rich sequences   which, as soon as they are inserted into the human host, will, paradoxically, seek to mutate, like SARS-CoV2 variants, towards CG ==> UA forms in order to improve their STABILITY and LIFETIME. We conclude using new biomathematics theoretical methods (Master code and numerical standing waves), and comparing the Spikes of the two vaccines Moderna and Pfizer, that there will be very probable differences in stability and shelf life of the two respective mRNAs vaccines. However, “State of the Art” analyzes will disclose that their two protein sequences are strictly identical. By modified their synonymous codons using different strategies, no one can guarantee that the quantity of antibodies generated will be identical in the two cases.

We wish to draw attention to the great ADAPTATION power - at the global scale of their genomes - of the most infectious VARIANTS, such as the BRAZIL 20J / 501Y.V3 variant (P.1). This is very worrying for the VACCINES <==> VARIANTS run: We demonstrate how the Brazilian variant P.1 which becomes uncontrollable in Brazil in April 2021 has a level of organization of long metastructures of 17,711 bases covering the genome which is 3.6 more important than that of the 2 reference genomes SARS-CoV2

 and worldwide D614G. We suggest that this high level of overall structure of this variant contributes to the stability of this genome and, might explain its greater contagiousness.

To complete this article, an ADDENDUM by Nobelprizewinner Luc Montagnier vas added at the end of this paper.


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