• Jean-Claude PEREZ Phd Maths & Computer Science Bordeaux University, RETIRED Interdisciplinary Researcher (IBM Emeritus, IBM European Research Center on Artificial Intelligence)




SARS, Wuhan COVID-19, Fibonacci Numbers, Fractal Genome, Numerical Stationary Periodic Waves, HIV1, HIV2, SIV, Synthetic Genomes

Abstract [English]

The main result of this updated release is the formal proof that 2019-nCoV coronavirus is partially a SYNTHETIC genome. We proof the CONCENTRATION in a small région of wuhan New genome (300bp) of 3 different régions from HIV1 ENVELOPPE gene and 3 others from HIV2 and SIV (ENV and POL RT). All this is remarkable and bears the mark of a desire for organization of a human nature: LOGIC, SYMETRIES.

In this article, we demonstrate also that there is a kind of global human hosts adaptation strategy of SARS viruses as well as a strategy of global evolution of the genomes of the different strains of SARS which have emerged, mainly in China, between years 2003 first SARS genomes and the last 2019 COVID-19 Wuhan seafood market pneumonia virus isolate Wuhan-Hu-1, complete genome.

This global strategy, this temporal link, is materialized in our demonstration by highlighting stationary numerical waves controlling the entire sequence of their genomes.

Curiously, these digital waves characterizing the 9 SARS genomes studied here are characteristic whole numbers: the "Fibonacci numbers", omnipresent in the forms of Nature, and which our research for several decades has shown strong links with the proportions of nucleotides in DNA.

Here we demonstrate that the complexity and fractal multiplicity of these Fibonacci numerical waves increases over the years of the emergence of new SARS strains.

We suggest that this increase in the overall organization of the SARS genomes over the years reflects a better adaptation of SARS genomes to the human host.

The question of a link with pathogenicity remains open.

However, we believe that this overall strategy for the evolution of the SARS genomes ensures greater unity, consistency and integrity of the genome.

Finally, we ask ourselves the question of a possible artificial origin of this genome, in particular because of the presence of fragments of HIV1, HIV2 and SIV retroviruses.


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