• Ing. Jan Lhota Czech Technical University in Prague – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering; Technická 4, 166 07 Prague 6, Czech Republic
  • Doc. Ing. Theodor Beran, Ph.D Czech Technical University in Prague – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering; Technická 4, 166 07 Prague 6, Czech Republic



Engineering, Projects, Planning, Project Management, Automobile Industry

Abstract [English]

Engineering or product development is one of the most important parts of the automotive industry because the development phase could be adjusted a lot of technical and economic parameters. Most of the engineering companies want to achieve better profit and sales, but in our globalized and digitalized world is this goal the more and more difficult to achieve. With the development of computers, on the one hand, the processes associated with project evaluation and the ability to manage them effectively have been simplified, but on the other hand, the Internet network creates a virtual space where activities with long-distance can be carried out quickly and efficiently. This pressure on engineering companies and their competitiveness are greatly jeopardized. For this reason, it is important to focus on the characteristics of project management plans and the possibilities of eliminating risk factors.


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