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Swastirbhavatu (Sanskrit) May There Be Auspiciousness, Activity Unit, Gurukul, Kalas (Sanskrit)Arts in multitude, Mahabharata (Sanskrit epic), Blue Zone

Abstract [English]

Man is a social animal and the niche he inhabits is his society. The units of this society serve tasks like education of the children, skill development of adults, care of the unhealthy, support of the infirm, maintenance of health in totality, rearing of the animals and trees to enhance living conditions among many others. Extrapolating the present arena of decline in emotional sensitivity of curricula, varied importance of different sections, unworthy approach to old and disregard of environment - the succession of the Homo sapiens appears bleak. The increasing carbon footprint and no cessation in the nature/ intent of using the resources endangers the physical existence too. This paper propounds the philosophy of a way to annihilate the shortcomings of the activity units –may be in a traditional fervor- to find a novel solution to the several questions confronting us. The resultant of this would be ignited minds receptive to changes, skilled personnel in every field irrespective of the differences and their coexistence eliminating conflict, amalgamation of the old guard of the homes as directing flags of the fleet of society and development of a holistic environment.


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A Vedic Prayer of Swasti: Aum, bhadram karnebhih srunuyāma devāh || Bhadram pasyema aksabhir yajatrāh || Sthirair angais tustuvām sastanūbhih || Vvyasema devahitam yadāyuh || Swasti na indro vridhasravāh || Swasti nah pūsā viswavedāh || Swasti nastārksyo aristanemih|| Swasti no brihaspatir dadhātu || Aum, santih, santih, santih ||

Meaning: Aum! May our ears hear what is good and auspicious. May our eyes see d auspicious. For the sake of gods, may we fully live the ordained span of our lives with good health and strength. May Indra who is extolled in the Vedas, Pusan, the lord of the world, Tarksya, who saves us from harm, Brihaspati who fosters our intelligence grant us prosperity as we are engaged in the study of the scriptures and the practice of truths in them. Aum peace here, peace above and peace all around.

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. (WHO definition of health accepted at Alma Ata)

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Adopted from speech of Dr Surekha Kashyap on women empowerment

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Ikigai by Hector Garcia and Albert Liebermann.




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