• Radi A. Tarawneh Collage of Agriculture, Jerash University, Jerash, Jordan
  • Mohammad S. Tarawneh Collage of Agriculture, Jerash University, Jerash, Jordan
  • Khaled A. Al-Najjar General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research, GCSAR, Damascus, Syria



Agricultural Advisory, Extension Priorities, Cooperatives, Jordan

Abstract [English]

This study was executed to answer several questions related to agricultural cooperative consultations to improve the livelihoods of farmers in Jordan. Where a questionnaire was conducted through direct personal interviews with the target groups in the Jordan Valley during the year 2021. The study aimed to shed light on the work of cooperative agricultural consultancy and agricultural extension. The study sample included 100 farmers randomly. The data (questionnaires) were analyzed according to SAS (2012). The results were as follows: Agricultural extension should pay more attention to small farmers and the cooperative sector, and agricultural cooperation should be a priority for an extension. In order to overcome the challenges and obstacles of extension work, financial support must be provided for workshops, extension programs, and brochures containing technical information. Attention should be given to agricultural extension cooperation methods through increasing fieldwork days, extension bulletins, home visits, and daily newspapers. Consultative cooperation between government agencies and NGOs was important in supporting farmers' projects. Cooperation between the governmental and non-governmental sectors was linked to priorities of work and the advisory role of NGOs in Jordan


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