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The main purpose of the classroom teaching reform is to improve students' learning motivation. To construct the learning rights and interests of students, the authority of teachers should not be so great, nor should the sense of responsibility of teachers be expanded infinitely. In contrast to the tradition of authoritative teacher education in China, to respect students as the subject of learning, the right to learn and the sense of responsibility, teachers should be oriented towards a softer way to manage their knowledge classrooms. The following is a course of "> for online payment and settlement", which gives me some inspiration: when it comes to the teaching philosophy of the course, it does not have to be explained in a rigid definition. We applied the "Online Payment and Settlement >" course in class to observe students' learning motivation, and observed students' learning conditions in class and after class, and applied and designed a series of classroom teaching reforms. We use the blended teaching model to achieve students' learning goals and further enhance students' learning confidence.


Learning Motivation, Blended Teaching, Learning Goals, Self-Confidence


The design of this case is mainly aimed at China's rural e-commerce agricultural products policy in 2021. Our main purpose is to let students sell agricultural products through the platform, and combine the <Internet payment and settlement> in the course to design this case. 2021 China's national policy put forward a rural poverty alleviation plan in 2021. Our curriculum design mainly allows students to integrate practical applications in the curriculum to enhance their learning motivation.

Our teaching reform course this time is mainly aimed at the teaching reform research of "network payment and settlement >" to design a series of course suggestions. So, is there a balance between the development and practice of curriculum and teaching reform? If we constantly develop new courses, but in fact, the teaching site has never been practiced, then this will be a very big imbalance. What kind of crisis will this imbalance cause? The crisis is that no one will believe that every reform will come true, because time after time in the classroom, it doesn't seem to happen. Of course, some schools actually push hard on classroom reform. If there is no assistance or resources in the process of pushing hard, no one in the neighboring schools will do it. Only if they cooperate well, there will be great conflicts between teachers, and in the end, they will fall back to the original point. This time, we conducted a survey and interview on the students of Grade 18 in the Department of E-Commerce of Oriental College of Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics, mainly to improve students' learning motivation through such a series of classroom design.

The following contents are designed and suggested to improve students' learning motivation. (Macdonald(1971), ) said that curriculum reform plans that don't relate to other factors in the curriculum ecosystem are "irresponsible" curriculum development. Therefore, we will design the course content of "Online Payment and Settlement ".

Autonomy and inquiry learning, autonomy and inquiry learning on the part of the ideal is very good, the textbook also can cooperate to write, network payment and settlement, the subject taken allow students to sustainable thinking and classroom discussion, through the study of discussion in class and after class reflection, lets the student can learn themselves learned knowledge content? In addition, the content in class is used to enable students to practice after class and apply the knowledge related to discussion to test in the system. (Archer, 2007). Mention the definition of reflection? Students need to have reflective learning ability in the process of learning.



Online payment and settlement requires an interdisciplinary or disciplinary knowledge background related to financial management and marketing. The content of this course combines the whole e-commerce transaction, and the case study uses Alipay, which is mostly used in China. Alipay's role is equivalent to acting as a notary of the middleman, acting as the middleman between banks, merchants and consumers. Third Party Payment mainly allows consumers to trade commodities through online buying and selling. It protects consumers' shopping rights and interests, and protects merchants' rights to deliver products to consumers. It acts as a middleman. For example, at present, all the FamilyMart convenience stores and Jingdong stores in China can pay through Alipay, including offline stores and online stores. Consumers can use this payment system to pay for goods. Third-party payment is equivalent to a transaction mechanism. In the process of buying something, consumers will give money to the seller if they confirm that there is no mistake or defect in the product. This is a good mechanism for both buyers and sellers. Third-party payment is also a transaction mode combining online and offline. It is not only used by online e-commerce, but also by offline consumers. Alipay is part of a payment system owned by Alibaba Group, which allows consumers to use the Alipay system as long as they have a bank card attached to it. Consumers in the use of the process, Alipay will be on the security and the bank to do online, including the use of SSL encryption system services to protect consumers with card trading rights and interests, do not let hackers to invade and steal the basic rights and interests of consumers and protect the security of funds,SSL encryption is the use of 128 bit web security trading mechanism set. Such a set of security trading mechanism, can let consumers on the network more assured consumption.


Flipped classroom increases students' learning motivation: In 2021, the classroom landscape in China has been significantly changed by digital technology. In the past, there were chalks, chalks and textbooks, but now there are electronic whiteboards and set teaching DVDs. Is there more student oriented? Does it bring the teacher closer to the students, the students closer to learning, or farther away? Curriculum reform wave, wave, what has changed the domestic classroom scenery? Why is "student-centered deep learning" so difficult to achieve? "Teacher's teaching behavior" is an important and interesting issue that concerns the effectiveness of this wave of curriculum and teaching reform. It is also an issue that we have been afraid to touch, for fear of the teacher's backlash and reluctance to open the classroom. How to increase students' learning motivation, we can clearly understand that in addition to the interaction between teachers and students, we can also apply some interesting activities in the course for students to participate in. We want to break the traditional knowledge only in the classroom knowledge, need to let the students to learn and find out the knowledge answer.



  • Research on the problems faced by "mixed teaching" in applied undergraduate courses Current network science and technology developed, AR, VR and big data AI used in teaching is becoming more and more popular, after affected by the outbreak of "online network teaching agitation", plus the wisdom of the classroom, the rise of virtual laboratory and computer classroom, greatly improve the implementation, such as experiment course we need operation of lack in distance education, in a physical courses with synchronous and asynchronous form hybrid teaching development will become the trend of the future. For blended teaching, we design our own experience, we encourage students to use video to learn in the course, we also encourage teachers to video the whole course during the daily teaching, and students can go home to watch the video according to their own learning progress. In addition, the improved equipment can also help teachers to understand the learning situation of students, and the shortcomings of teaching videos can be added to the video. Blended teaching is a new type of curriculum, so students' feedback after class is the most important. We hope to track students' suggestions and feedback on a regular basis, so that the school can know how to improve the digital learning deficit, and return the Ministry of Education to help improve the problem, which will help students to solve the learning disability. Blend teaching allows teachers to practice, try to add digital elements into a certain physical course or unit, use online tools to record the course into a video, or plan some online discussion interaction, will be able to develop a more diversified teaching model. (Mccown & Ropp, 1996) mentioned that students' learning motivation would be affected by their personal goals and self-concept. (Raffni, 1996) proposed that students' learning motivation comes from factors such as autonomy, ability and sense of belonging.

  • Study on countermeasures and suggestions to promote the integration of industry and education We encourage the course "Online Payment and Settlement >" to apply the existing e-commerce simulation platform for students to practice and apply. As an application-oriented undergraduate school, students can use Amazon, eBay and other application platforms for students to learn and apply. In this way, the knowledge from the textbook and practical operation can be combined to make the whole course more interesting and improve students' learning ability.


  • Talent training plan is the first In the context of the integration of industry and education, promoting school-enterprise cooperation is an important measure to improve students' practical application ability. The training of service talents for e-commerce enterprises has become the construction direction of e-commerce major. On the basis of careful investigation, we set up three directions, namely, e-commerce division, marketing division and customer relationship management division. According to the needs of professional ability in each direction, we set up new practical training courses in different modules, or transform the existing theoretical courses with strong theory, so as to highlight the application of knowledge learning.

  • Improve students' learning motivation We hope to cultivate students' interest in learning mainly through the concept of students doing from high school. We want to break the traditional boring curriculum, and in the future we hope to improve students' motivation and attitude towards learning. (Jensen, 1996) proposed that students' learning motivation comes from relevant factors such as their goals and curiosity.


This study takes 2018 e-commerce undergraduates from Oriental College of Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics as the research object, with a total of 91 students.



  • Respond to students' curriculum needs and optimize the design of training programs This case mainly wants to observe the student's future course demand, and combines now the latest Hangzhou e-commerce trend. We have observed that e-commerce is constantly expanding the demand for talents, from the traditional e-commerce in the early stage to the course demand of cross-border e-commerce. We have observed that practice and application can deepen the effect of students' learning. We combine several ideas to increase students' learning motivation, including effective progress design by teachers, and teachers leading by example to positively enhance students' learning motivation. (Thompson, 1987) designed a set of skills to improve students' learning ability in view of the negative learning motivation of students.

  • Highlight the management and control of students' learning performance, and make the course content more detailed Because students are still studying in school, they can not feel the competitive pressure of going to outside enterprises. In order to let students get close to the situation of outside enterprises, this course is designed to be more close to the real simulation situation of enterprise e-commerce.


  • Classroom teaching should lay a solid foundation and cultivate students' learning and problem-solving abilities The main purpose of classroom teaching is to let students learn from mistakes, from the process of finding and solving problems to learn. This course is designed to teach students a hybrid approach to learning, learning and doing to improve their learning and practical skills. (Bandura & Schunk, 1981) pointed out that it is more important to set short-term goals for students than long-term goals.

  • The practice link is based on case theory to enhance the identification of professional licenses for e-commerce In the practice section, the training course "E-commerce Training" set up by us conducts classified case analysis according to the attributes of the industry, training students' ability and thinking in the practice process from the aspects of operation mode, marketing mode and risk elimination, so as to further improve students' learning motivation and ability. In the course "Online Payment and Settlement", comprehensive cases are also set up to check the inconformity with the current teaching case theory, and the correct operation can be carried out. First of all, a total of 91 sample data of 2018 E-Commerce students in Dongfang University were selected for preliminary screening. Considering that the purpose of this paper is to explore whether gender differences have a significant impact on the admission results of graduate students. In the questionnaire, we first asked five expert teachers to look at the problem items, and then asked eight students to fill in the answers. The main purpose of our series of rigorous design is to help students fill in the questions carefully. First of all, in order to ensure more scientific statistical significance of the sample, we control the occurrence of individual sample values that are too large or too small in the sample data. In the data processing, the modified box chart can be used to eliminate extremely large or extremely small data, so that the data can more appropriately reflect the characteristics of the sample as a whole.



In advancing hybrid education study in the process of production, the biggest obstacle is that the students' participation is insufficient, affected by the original old thinking, "traditional blackboard learning way" in the process of learning, it is obvious that teachers' participation is more, but lack of participation of students, the practice can accept the number of students internship practice is relatively small, is not conducive to pay network course learning ability of students.



There is no need to shout so many slogans about the evolution of the purpose of school education. In fact, there is only one thing about school education: what is learning? To be honest, every last syllabus has been written on fitness development, which syllabus from the past to the present has not been designed for children's fitness development? Compared with the lack of adaptive development is the teacher, the teacher's life is rarely in the adaptive development. In fact, the school has only one thing: take good care of students' study and development, which is the most important and fundamental thing. But how much of the school's time is spent on things that aren't about it, and what percentage of the day's work is not about it? How can schools help teachers? How can schools do this so that teachers can focus on students' learning and development?

Maximization of learning development Our teachers are more likely to teach according to the knowledge structure, rather than in the teaching of knowledge at the same time with the development of children, so that learning to produce the greatest benefit. As in the previous example, listening ability develops in stages. When teachers train students to listen, will the progress of teaching Chinese class be affected? No, every lesson can be trained to listen, because the teacher is speaking can be trained, because the development and thinking state of the students and the old teacher's subject teaching completely do not conflict. In fact, teachers do not know how to combine these two things, and how to maximize the benefits of learning according to the development of children. . The other part is blank, and now this one generation, contains the young or middle-aged, cannot be empty White, nothing will slide phone, because blank awful, good students is not easy to spare, slide phone quickly, because life in this way, a bit like the Greek or medieval times, vacuum it was disgusting feeling, and blank has its necessity and skills, students are responsible for their own learning.

Knowledge of the context of learning experience should be regarded as the end point of inquiry, leading to the course of cultivation of literacy. How can we plan it again? What does the school want to cultivate and arrange? Now we think that inquiry courses should do inquiry, but in fact, the study of each subject knowledge is not inquiry? Perhaps for all children now, after reading an article is the most terrible thing, reading is a greater exploration, because can not understand. In fact, open your eyes, leaving home to go to school on the way to explore, but have you opened your eyes to explore? So, how to arrange it? That arrangement involves careful planning and practice between one study period, one study year, one study period, one course, one unit, and one unit. Did the old teachers arrange it? Even if using different classes, how to let the child along the way, finally can develop what kind of appearance? When you're really interested in your child's development, start scheduling those things.

The co-construction of learning participation is not the only authority of the teacher. The practice of co-learning between teachers and students and the construction of learning culture will be the most important. What attitude should the teacher use to lead the students? A student once said: "the teachers will not, very normal, now so much knowledge, why to pretend to know?" How does the culture of learning make a teacher curious about things, a teacher starts to admit that he doesn't, he's going to look for data, and that's a demonstration, and that's a very important thing. And how should the teacher balance the role of guidance, assistance and guidance?

Our research suggests that subsequent researchers can investigate students' learning motivation in colleges and universities in Zhejiang Province. Our research mainly focuses on the survey of Oriental University, and subsequent researchers can expand to the samples of colleges and universities in the whole Zhejiang Province, so that the value of the whole research can be expanded. Due to the influence of human and material resources, there is no way to make the research process more flexible, which can be considered and designed by subsequent researchers.


In order to make up for the deficiency of the practice part and the professional practice link of the first class, the professional discipline competition is promoted in the second class. The practical operation knowledge competition of online payment and settlement strengthens the professional foundation, trains the business operation through the actual competition of e-commerce platform, trains the professional thinking of risk management through the case evaluation competition, cultivates the professional core ability, and internalizes the management concept and thinking of operating the background of e-commerce platform in the heart. Competitive training is more conducive to the cultivation of professional core ability, forming a good atmosphere for the whole training process.


This time, through the <Internet Payment and Settlement Course>, four factors that affect students' learning motivation were found, including service attitude, teaching quality, learning effectiveness, and learning environment. There is a mutual influence between the factors, among which service attitude will affect teaching Quality and learning effectiveness, teaching quality will affect learning effectiveness. We can see the students’ learning motivation in the final semester grades, including 9 students with a score of 91 or more; 30 students with a score of 80-89 and 19 students with a score of 70-79. We can find that students like to teach in a hybrid way. It is recommended that schools can promote multimedia and purchase simulation software in the future. Evil can further allow students to learn new practical knowledge, so that students can learn from middle school and learn, and increase Students’ learning motivation and enthusiasm.

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