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1 Executive Engineer (Retired), University Science and Instrumentation Department, Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India

2 Professor, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, College of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai, Tamilnadu State, India


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Origin of Life is critical to Evolution. Finally, with elimination of metaphysics from the Panspermia Origin of Life debate, the purely Darwin’s geocentric theory of evolution in its entirety collapsed. The present study provides a viable alternative consistent with Panspermia Origin of Life to Darwin’s Theory. The proposed theory is just reverse process of utilisation of stored information in the DNA in Panspermia Origin for evolution of all life forms including humans endowed with intricate and complex brain capable of cognition and consciousness wherein the most likely connection between biological and extra-terrestrial occurrences is solar disturbances and their particle emissions.


Received 02 March 2023

Accepted 31 March 2023

Published 14 April 2023

Corresponding Author

Y. V. Subba Rao,

DOI 10.29121/granthaalayah.v11.i3.2023.5091  

Funding: This research received no specific grant from any funding agency in the public, commercial, or not-for-profit sectors.

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Keywords: Panspermia, Evolution, Solar Disturbances, Human Brain, Cognition, Consciousness, Freewill, Theory of Evolution, Natural Selection





One of those existential questions that people have thought about since antiquity is the origin of life, and it fits squarely in the purview of chemistry. The "big idea" of chemists, a platter of interdisciplinary treats that tackles both significant chemical puzzles and philosophical depths, is the origin of life. How did life begin? was a question that Darwin responded to. It left chemists with the much trickier task of figuring out how life first started. The ideal multidisciplinary playing field is Origin of Life.   

The definition of life is even more crucial to both origin and evolution because heritable change in organisms over many generations depends on the beginning of life. It is now established that ‘Origin of Life. is extra-terrestrial (Panspermia) and ‘Evolution of all Life’ is exclusively unique to the ‘Mother Earth’. Physics is powerful with electromagnetism as the criterion in both origin and evolution of life; chemistry is colourful with colourful and bright stars for matter; biology is beautiful when comes to life transcending the limits of computation; geology is good with meteorites and comets as indicators of panspermia origin whereas evolution is unique to earth with its magnetosphere; astrology (Jyotish, a Vedanga belonging to the four Vedas of times immemorial) is astounding encompassing all sciences with the exception of none and with ample space for freewill besides the principles of ‘cause and effect’ and ‘as is above, so is below’; indic philosophy is perfect with evolution of souls with abstract mind for cognition, consciousness and transcendental consciousness and Darwin has his geocentric theory taking advantage of long duration of age of the earth (4.32BY), landed his theory in crisis in view of tremendous advances made in cell biology and molecular biology, and above all,  Astronomy with all the allied sciences is absolute wherein the most likely connection between biological and extra-terrestrial occurrences is solar disturbances and their particle emissions.  All this is explained in the present study.


1.1.    Ardhanāreeshwara Concept in Vedas: Brain

The name Ardhanāreeshvara is a combination of the three syllables “Ardha,” “Nari,” and “Ishwara,” which, when used together, refer to the lord whose half is a woman. According to popular belief, Lord Shiva represents the male component, and Goddess Parvati or Shakti is the female component. The Ardhanāreeshvara is a symbol of a generative and constructive force. Male and feminine principles cannot be separated, as represented by Ardhanāreeshvara. It communicates the harmony of opposites in the cosmos. The brain is where the perception of the cosmos and its comprehension reside. Both philosophy and science strive to make our world of experience understandable to us. Both embrace man and the cosmos and seek to understand the universe's nature, appraisal, and genesis in order to gain a better understanding of the underlying principles. So, the distinction between these two disciplines is in their various methodologies, namely, the former perceives it while the latter shows it through experiments. The scientific community is now becoming interested in ancient Hindu theories concerning brain science and using some of their mystical discoveries to better comprehend brain behaviour. Thus, the Vedas, Upanishads, and Puranas are being studied globally Balodhi (1987).


1.2. Jyotish (Astrology)

Jyotish, also known as Astrology is one of the six Vedangas belonging to the four Vedas of times immemorial. Astrology is the derivative of Astronomy and its life side is Astrobiology with genesis of all its principles from Astrophysics is a form of astrological divination that uses the observation and interpretation of the fixed stars, the Sun, the Moon, and the planets to anticipate natural and human events. Devotees hold the belief that by comprehending how the planets and stars affect earthly affairs, one can forecast and control the fates of individuals, groups, and nations. Although being frequently recognised as a science throughout its history, astrology is now viewed as being a pseudoscience by the world of science and technology, which is only an extempore opinion born without any attempt to explore the truth scientifically whether it is belief or science.


1.2.1.  Nature and Significance of Jyotish (Astrology)

The basis of astrology is the idea that changes in the sublunary realm are somehow determined or indicated by the celestial bodies, notably the planets and stars considered in their random combinations or configurations (known as constellations).


1.3. Rationale of Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) in Origin and Evolution        

Hinduism acknowledges the cyclical nature of the cosmos and its timelines of billions of years. It also recognises how Hinduism's reference of an expanding and contracting universe aligns with contemporary cosmology, Carl Sagan (1934-1996). According to Stuart J. Inglis Stuart (1962), the ancient Hindus created a calendar that encompasses periods of time up to 4.32 billion years, which is supported by the branch of nuclear physics based on the half-life of uranium 238 and lead 206. Professor Arthur Holmes (1895–1965) a Geologist praised the ancient Hindus for their sacred text Manusmriti's accuracy in calculating the age of the world and the universe; and, J.B.S. Haldane, a British evolutionary biologist, was astounded by the “striking” parallels between Hinduism's Dasāvatra (ten incarnations) and the evolution of vertebrates.

Jyotish is not faith or belief; but, it is a perfect science, rather an embodiment of all modern sciences. The very genesis of principles of Astrology is based on Astrophysics. Jyotish has selectively adapted certain constituent members of solar system for its studies which are the sole cause of sunlight which is an electromagnetic wave and the Inter Planetary Magnetic Field (IMF) with its effect on the planet earth and all life living on it Figure 1.

Figure 1

Figure 1 Sunlight Incident on the Planets and Reflected Light from them onto the ‘Earth and all Life Living on it’.

Jyotish also adapted the 27 lunar constellations, lying in the zodiac along the ecliptic for its studies, which are the sole cause of Inorganic Chemistry (matter).  Thus, life is an emergent property of matter with the rationale of interaction of electromagnetism with matter plausibly giving rise to biological molecules wherein the 27-lunar constellations are the cosmic components of a complete cell giving rise to ‘Panspermia Origin of Life’. The 27 Lunar Constellations are lying equidistant along the ecliptic, in the zodiac of 3600. 


1.4. The 27 Lunar Constellations (108 Quarters) of Jyotish Signify the Complete Cell as cosmic counterparts

Each Lunar constellation is 13⅓0 extent, which distance the Moon transits in a day of 24 hours. Further, each one of these constellations is subdivided into 4 parts, each of 3⅓0 extent. Thus, we have, in all, a total of 108 Quarters signifying all the components of a cell as the cosmic counterparts as follows Figure 2.

·        92 Quarters - Naturally formed Elements of Periodic Table (from Hydrogen to Uranium (Described in the Modern Periodic Table of Elements, comprising matter inorganic chemistry) since the time of ‘Big Bang’. These 92 Quarters - also signify 92 chromosomes (including sex chromosomes: Male X-Y and Female X-X) of both parents, *In Hinduism, Ardhanāreeshvara symbolizes (half man and half woman) male and female principles cannot be separated in that the God is Lord Shiva and the woman part is his consort Goddess Parvati or Shakti. It conveys the unity of opposites in the universe. In the Judeo-Christian and Islamic traditions, Adam and Eve are regarded as the first human relationship. The Ardhanreeshvara is a representation of a positive and generative force similar to them; humanity is essentially one big family, with everyone descended from a single set of first ancestors

·        5 Quarters - Natural elements of Nature (Panchamahābhūta) - Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether which form the physical bodies of all species including humans. 

·        4 Quarters - 4 Bases of DNA – Guanine, Adenine, Cytosine and Thymine

·        4 Quarters – 4 Types of RNA

1)     Messenger RNA (mRNA) mRNA is translated into a polypeptide.

2)     Transfer RNA (tRNA) tRNA will bind an amino acid to one end and has an anticodon on the other.

3)     Ribosomal RNA (rRNA) Ribosomal RNA (rRNA) helps facilitate the bonding of amino acids coded for by the mRNA.

4)     Micro RNA (miRNA).

·        3 Quarters - ‘Natural Qualities’(Gunās)’ Tamas (Evil thoughts ad destruction), Rajas (Activity), and Sattva (Consciousness). These 3 Quarters also signify the three bodies, namel, The Physical Body, The Subtle Body and the Causal Body.






Figure 2

Figure 2 The Wheel of 27 Lunar Constellations Divided into 108 Quarters of the Zodiac being the Cosmic Components Signifying the Complete Cell.


Solar System is not isolated. Its astronomical environment changes as it slowly circles the galaxy, and various outside variables may have an effect. The existence of extraterrestrial biological molecules and proto cells in meteorites provides compelling evidence that the inorganic chemistry that stars emit throughout the universe as a result of one or more processes during their life cycles likely initiates the formation of these molecules and cells under abiotic conditions. Extra-terrestrial bodies like carbonaceous chondrites have been found to contain a broad range of organic compounds. (CCs) Kvenvolden et al. (1970), Pizzarello et al. (2006), Schmitt-Kopplin et al. (2010), Elsila et al. (2016) and comets Kissel and Krueger (1987), Goesmann et al. (2015), Schmitt-Kopplin et al. (2010) .

The philosophical proposition of panspermia finally eliminated metaphysics from the extra-terrestrial debate with the discovery of the presence of key organic molecules rich in carbon besides, ribose and other bio-essential sugars including arabinose and xylose and other important building blocks essential to life including amino acids (components of proteins) and nucleobases (components of DNA and RNA) in meteorites validates the theory of ‘Panspermia’ and disputes the concept of ‘RNA World’. [Schmitt-Kopplin et al. (2010), Masseron et al. (2020), Oba et al. (2020), Oba et al. (2020), NASA (2020)] Brihat Samhita (Varāha Mihira 520 AD)  Materese et al. (2020) and Bhagavad Gita (3000 BC) Bhat (2010) texts also speak about meteorites.  It is now proved that advanced Panspermia Origin of Life leaves no question unanswered and helps provide a viable alternative to the most fragile Darwin’s Theory.


1.5. Defining ‘Life’    

The molecular composition of the living and the non-living is identical. Several concepts have emerged as a result of the change from non-living to living matter, but they have not yet developed to the same levels of intricacy as even the tiniest living systems. A significant challenge is identifying the properties of living matter that could distinguish between living and non-living physical systems in order to generate new life in the lab.  James Tour destroys evolution by claiming that “Scientists are unable to put together a cell’s components in a contemporary lab, let alone outside, or even in a rock or pool, even using a cell that just died nor can they revive it back to life” Bhagavad Gita Large Print Edition (2003). It is presented herein, a theory explaining the phenomenon of life which incidentally solves the origins of life. As a prelude to defining life, the knowledge of the body, the inherent qualities within each individual and the imperishable nature of the soul is a prerequisite. The presence of all molecules essential to life discovered in meteorites suggests their availability as readymade kits in space which can only provide a physical body but not life. In Vedānta, an individual is called a “Jiva” (“an immortal living substance” or “an individual soul)”.


1.6. Three Bodies, Five Sheaths and Three Gunas (Qualities) of Individuals

Each and every one of us has three essential bodies: the causal body, the astral body, and the physical (gross) body, according to Vedanta's doctrine of the three bodies (Karana Sarira).

Five elements (Five Sheaths) —earth (Prithvi), air (Vayu), water (Apas), fire (Agni), and ether—make up the physical body (akāsha). These five vital components become divided after death since the physical body also perishes.

The Astral/Subtle Body, also known as Sūksma Sarira, is made up of subtle substances that the eyes are unable to see. The life energy known as prāna, which sustains and controls the physical body's functions, makes up the astral body.

The Causal body, also known as Kārana Sarira, is what causes the gross and subtle bodies. All that the causal body is Ajnāna, or basic ignorance. Also, it is inert, whereas the soul is immortal because it is separate from these three bodies and has no need for support. All that the causal body is is Ajnāna, or basic ignorance. It is inert as well. It has an end even though the beginning is less obvious. When one attains Awareness of the Self, the causal body dies. This isn't the eternal, unadulterated, undivided, unlimited Atman. The three bodies are not at all similar to the Atman. An emancipated individual is one who has realised their Atman and is aware of their complete separation from the three bodies. He is the actual Brahman. In all three universes, he is adored. His glory is beyond words Pinterest (2023).

तत्र सत्त्वं निर्मलत्वात्प्रकाशकमनामयम् |

सुखसङ्गेन बध्नाति ज्ञानसङ्गेन चानघ || 6||

tatra sattvaṁ nirmalatvāt prakāśhakam anāmayam

sukha-saṅgena badhnāti jñāna-saṅgena chānagha

                                                                                      -Bhagavad Gita Chapter 14 Verse 6

Translation: Sattva gua (consciousness), the purest of these three characteristics (Gunas), is illuminating and brimming with well-being. It is the mode of goodness. O! sinless one, it ties the spirit together by fostering attachment to a sense of joy and wisdom. 7.3 The 5 Sheaths (n.d.)

According to Hinduism, there are three human "Gunas" (qualities): Sattva Guna, Rajas Guna, and Tamas Guna. the tamas (darkness of mind and destruction), rajas (activity), and sattva—each with its own special qualities (consciousness). All creatures and things around us always include all three gunas, but their relative proportions may differ. The levels of the gunas in our bodies and brains can be changed intentionally only by humans. The subjective response of the individual to the objective forces of environment is mainly based on which of the three qualities is most predominant in him/her Bhagavad Gita Large Print Edition (2003).   

It is upon the impregnation of the transmigrating soul, together with the causal body and the astral body, into the physical body which is built from extra-terrestrial abiogenic material, becomes alive. The physical body is the frame work built to the shape of the subtle body as determined by the causal body. Hence, the argument that a child is least responsible to have been born blind or lame becomes defeated.  “The thing that separates life from non-life is information” Davies (2019) 8.1 Managing The 3 Gunas (n.d.). DNA consists of two functional parts, namely, the Genomic DNA and the other Morphological DNA created by the Genomic DNA. While Genomic DNA stores information of heredity drawn from the subtle body, morphological DNA stores information drawn from the causal body pertaining to cause and effect as magnetic memories in panspermia origin of life. Where and how did ‘Life’ propagate, was ‘Life’ universal or is it unique and exclusive to earth are all questions that are all answered in the present study for better understanding of evolution. This study affords scientific understanding of life and liberation of soul of human beings who are uniquely special. But that does not mean that the whole universe is uninhabited to the exclusion of the earth.


2. Transportation of Life

According to a new study Berera (2017), Davies (2019), life could travel between planets via space dust. Extreme momentum fluxes in the atmosphere result from the continuous bombardment of Earth by hypervelocity space dust, interacting with it and transferring energy. The potential for some of these biological components and living cells to be propelled into space, including to the planet Earth (a unique planet where flora and fauna could flourish because of its magnetosphere among other factors) by this process of space dust collision, Thus, Panspermia Origin of Life could arrive on the scene of the earth for evolution defying Darwin as everything we’ve been told about evolution is wrong.


2.1.    Protein Vibrations

There are vibrations, frequencies, and energies everywhere in the world. The frequency of the sun is 126Hz, the cosmos vibrates at 432Hz, and the Earth has been on the planet for 4.32 billion years. There are 27 total lunar constellations, our planet vibrates at 7.83 Hz (the Schumann Resonance), and the average person's pulse beats at 72 beats per second, or 1.2 Hz.   Each of these vibrations adds up to "9," which is the secret code of Tesla's cosmos (3 6 9).

The whole universe is full of cosmic magnetism. The cosmos has magnetic fields. Magnetic fields run across the cosmos, connecting stars, galaxies, and intergalactic space. The Milky Way, the galaxy in which we live, has a magnetic field that aids in forming the interstellar medium, or “stuff between the stars,” from which new stars are formed.

According to some theories, the proteins in the human body vibrate in a variety of ways, much like the pipes or strings of an instrument. This is supported convincingly by a recent research. The proteins in the human body vibrate in various patterns, much like the strings on a fiddle or the pipes of an organ. Researchers claim that the first concrete evidence that this is accurate comes from a recent study. The human body's proteins vibrate, which is essential to cellular function. Proteins can rapidly alter their shapes through these microscopic movements in order to link to other proteins, which is necessary for the body to carry out crucial biological processes like oxygen absorption, cell repair, and DNA replication. These biological processes' real structural mechanisms and the way they are managed within the cellular system are truly amazing. Imagine a cell as a tiny engine that performs a variety of tasks, including sensing, producing more of itself, reading and replicating DNA, and interacting with proteins to make all of these processes possible. The discoveries open the door for an entirely new approach to studying the basic cellular processes that support living (‘Nature’, 2014) Markelz  et al. (2014), Berera (2017) Figure 3.

Figure 3


Figure 3 Rendering of a Vibrating Protein.  Credit: Andrea Markelz and Katherine Niessen


All life uses the same codebook to convert nucleic acid language into protein language of vibrations. The Sun's gases experience tidal waves as a consequence of planets, causing sunspots and particle emissions that ring the Earth's magnetosphere like a bell as they pass through interplanetary space (IMF). The neural network of the foetus inside the mother's womb detects these planetary magnetic impulses, signalling the child’s birth. Inter Planetary Magnetic Fields cause biological effects. Planetary alignments with magnetic events on the Sun during development cause oscillations in the Earth's magnetic field. At various stages of development, we take up various magnetic signals from the solar symphony, which later become a component of our earliest memories. When comparable magnetic signals are repeated later in life, these magnetic memories of information stored in morphological DNA may be activated. The information stored in the Morphological DNA drawn from the causal body based on cause and effect constitutes time periods of fate (promised good and definite evil also known as ‘Karma) and neutral periods indicating freewill.

Nevertheless, the widely accepted and customary reductionist biology approach appears to erroneously equate cause and effect. The reductionist perspective holds that chemistry, code, and cognition make up the causal chain in biology. Despite this commonly held belief, there are no examples in the literature.of how codes or cognition are created by the principles of physics or chemistry. Any information system’s physical layer is only made up of chemicals. Contrarily, even though there are numerous instances of cognition creating codes and codes manipulating substances in biology and technology, cognition is still a mystery Marshall (2021), Markelz et al. (2014).

Man’s ability to choose his actions and thoughts in response to fate is what stores good or bad karma (fate) for the next life, or elevates or degrades himself from one life to the next. Future fate is determined by today’s freewill. This perspective of a harmonious interplay between fate and free will provides a resolution to the age-old debate between fate and free will and seems to explain life’s perplexing injustices.


3. Fundamental Concepts of Darwin's Theory of Evolution and Natural Selection 

British naturalist, Charles Darwin, developed the idea of biological evolution through natural selection in which changing populations and species of organisms are at the heart of biological evolution. He suggested that species change over time as he referred to this as “descent with modification” and claimed that all life originated from a single progenitor. Darwin also proposed natural selection as a mechanism for evolution, in which heritable characteristics that aid organisms in surviving and reproducing gradually increase in frequency in populations. Marshall (2021).

Darwin outlined his theories on natural selection and evolution. These theories were mostly based on first-hand observations made during Darwin's global travels. He started to notice remarkable trends in the diversity and characteristics of species. Darwin created and improved a set of theories to explain the patterns. Darwin outlined his two main concepts, natural selection and evolution.

According to Darwin, new species emerge from older ones, all species have a common ancestor, and species can evolve over time. This theory proposes that each species has its own unique collection of heritable (genetic) variations from the common ancestor, which have evolved gradually over incredibly long periods of time. By repeatedly splitting off new species from a common ancestor, branching events form a multi-level "tree" that connects all living entities.


3.1.    Criticism

Darwin's hypothesis is predicated on the notion of natural selection attracted criticism from all quarters. This fundamental aspect of his theory seemed to confound almost everyone, maybe, as a result, of his usage of the term selection. Could it be a “intermediate cause,” or a law of causality established and upheld by God? Certainly, it is a God of the gaps. ‘gap’ in question is a lacuna naturae causa (a gap because of nature). Natural selection was only able to produce variety because it was challenged in its ability to transform an ancestor species into a descendant species. Many reviewers, including some who were favourable, questioned whether the idea could be expanded to explain the evolution of the traits that set humans apart from their closest relatives.

According to the Darwinian concept, life is anything that may change through natural selection. One prerequisite for evolution is reproduction. Mule is unable to reproduce. Hence, Mule is a nonliving thing. The definition must be erroneous because the conclusion is irrational. Darwinian definition has nonetheless provoked a lot of criticism. Charles Darwin mentions human evolution only sporadically, but it is clear from his writings that he thinks moral behaviour, in particular, has an evolutionary origin that is similar to that of our physical structure. Because of our resemblance to other species, humans have evolved through selection. Man is infamously designed on the same general sort or model as other animals. His skeleton is made up of bones that are identical to those of a bat, a monkey, or a seal.


3.2. Present Status of Darwin's Theory   

Darwin's current Theory of Evolution has changed from playing a key role in the origin and evolution of life to an outcast from mainstream thinking to a theory in crisis as a result of developments in the fields of molecular biology, cell biology, astronomy, and other related sciences over the past five decades. "Natural selection" produces no outcomes. Natural selection is not possible; biological variations may exist in nature, but it can only "choose" the survival value of what is produced from conceivable genomic differences. Natural selection cannot function until there is life and the ability to reproduce.

On the question of whether 15 to 20 distinct species of early humans—some of which are extinct—are connected, scientists disagree. Many of the early human ancestors have no surviving descendants today. Over the last few million years, a number of hominid species have existed, but none of them are linked to modern humans. Neanderthals, who are the nearest living relatives of us, cannot be considered a source of descent because of the genetic differences between them and us. Even though their frequency is quite similar to that of humans, it is tuned harmonically very close to the Earth's frequency, so this is most likely the case. How much of Darwin's claim that man is a modified descendent of an earlier species is true? The heart and the brain are two of the body's most complex systems in humans. The eye's unmatched mechanisms, among others, can change focus, adapt power to different light levels, correct visual errors, and execute saccadic motions. Every element is crucial. These elements were never taken into consideration by Darwin. Darwin defined speciation as the process by which groups change into various species. It is absurd to think that they evolved gradually through "natural selection," as Charles Darwin acknowledged.


3.3. Speciation

The question in defining speciation as a leap from one form of species to altogether new species with efflux of time and change in environment is mainly due to lacuna naturae causa (a gap because of nature) rather than a lacuna ignorantiae (a gap on account of ignorance). Darwin postulated that populations can diverge from their existing ancestors to the point of creating a new species or that two species can divide into one species. Given that they were made before genomics, Darwin's evolutionary discoveries were deep. Scientists are compelled to accept this theory despite significant disappointments in the lack of a more plausible and acceptable theory that would allow for a different and more viable theory of evolution than Darwin's. Contrary to this theory, humans who arrived last on the scene coexist with all forms of life starting from single celled organisms to that of large sized mammals.


4. New Theory of Evolution Consistent with Advanced Panspermia Origin of Life

As a Viable Alternative to Darwin's Theory of Evolution and Natural Selection, a New Theory of Evolution that is Consistent with a "Advanced Panspermia Origin of Life" is Proposed. Humans were the last species to arrive, arriving only 2 million years ago with a fundamental frequency of 7.83Hz, due to the availability of natural elements provided by stars during their life cycles. As a result, the new species evolved with their neural networks responding to different harmonic frequencies. (Schumann Frequency) Darwin (1859). This is the correct view of the matter is evidenced by the fact of events delineated in the Geological Time Scale. The early atmosphere was inhospitable to life since it was primarily made of hydrogen and helium and contained little to no oxygen; hence no life. During the Archean Eon (4000 – 2500 MYA) witnessed the emergence of the earliest simple ecosystems and the evolution of the first single-celled living forms and stable ecosystems conducive to life. This means that there was no life substantial or worth of notice for nearly 4 billion years. The first multicellular living forms emerged during the Proterozoic Eon (2500 - 541 MYA). The emergence of oxygen-producing photosynthetic organisms, which finally resulted in the accumulation of free oxygen in the atmosphere, was one of the most important events of the Proterozoic Eon. This had a significant impact on how life developed on Earth and paved the way for the emergence of complex living forms with corresponding increase of extra-terrestrial naturally formed elements leading to Genomic complexity and rapid evolution in Cambrian Explosion 520MYA Darwin (1859). With gradual addition of more and more elements over a period of time witnessed more complex life forms and finally humans emerged just 2 million years ago with no further evolution thereafter.

All species are responsive to the earth's natural harmonic resonance frequency (the "Schumann resonance" of 7.83Hz), and they have all developed over geological time scales in different areas of the world with different biological and genetic make-ups. Contrarily, due to their complex systems and fundamental resonance with the Earth's natural harmonic frequency (Schumann Resonance of 7.83Hz), humans are the only species that have developed globally while coexisting with all other forms of life. The coordinated planetary structure of the solar system affects the temperature and ecosystem of Earth and all species are born with the genetic trait and put it to the best survival value.

According to the "Succession of Life" (Events and all kinds of life) on the Geological Time Scale, stars periodically emit certain elements during the course of their lives that are connected to the evolution of new species. The development in knowledge of the chemical and physical properties of the elements over the timeline of the periodic table spans nearly two centuries and significant contributions. With a history spanning more than 200 years, the periodic method of classifying elements has a long history. The first stars, officially referred to as Population stars, must have been composed almost entirely of lithium, helium, and hydrogen, elements created as a direct result of the Big Bang. Since the Big Bang, elements have continued to be released by stars. Stars generate distinct chemical components at various stages of their life cycles. The Periodic Table depicts the primary source on Earth for each element.  In cases where two sources contribute equally both appear. It is plausible that a single primary source may give rise to several elements from multiple stars at a time Figure 4.

Figure 4

Figure 4 The Periodic Table Showing the Origin of the Elements in the Solar System by Jennifer Johnson.


It is conceivable that under abiotic conditions, the solar system creates living cells with either sex's sex chromosome, which are then propelled to the earth by star dust for evolution at regular intervals of geological time scales, as shown by the variety of stages in their evolution. For the purpose of evolution, bands of star dust may have carried life on Earth here from other planetary systems, including the mother Earth. It's conceivable that once life emerges on Earth, it will keep growing until it vanishes entirely.               Numerous organisms react to variations in the Earth's magnetic field, according to research in magneto biology Franck Brown (1958) Rao (2021). According to Robin Baker (1987), Brown et al. (1958), people are susceptible to shifts in the Earth's magnetic field. The magnetic field of the sun extends far beyond our solar system. The Interplanetary Magnetic Field (IMF), which encompasses the entire solar system and is made up of the solar wind and the magnetosphere of the Sun, stretches far into interstellar space. The IMF then uses the same magnetic induction mechanism to transmit resonant information from distant planets to the Earth's field. The Earth's field itself is both electrically charged and resonant, with a base frequency of 7.83 Hz, so it does have the ability to function as an amplifier. Of course, this information can only be in the form of weak impulses from space. In the same way that a radio is tuned to receive a particular station, planets create tides in the gases of the Sun, producing sunspots and their particle emissions, which then travel across interplanetary space to hit Earth's magnetosphere and ring it like a bell Seymour, P.A.H, (1990),  Baker (1987).

The neural network of the foetus then picks up on these planetary magnetic signals because it is genetically predisposed to hear certain planetary signals inside the mother's womb that indicate the child's birth. As the child develops and moves away from the birth site, it is literally moving throughout its life inside the DNA that was imprinted at that precise moment. Maybe as we grow and develop, certain magnetic lines from the solar symphony are picked up and become a part of our earliest recollections. When comparable magnetic experiences are repeated later in life, these pre-programmed magnetic memories might be activated.  The earth's magnetosphere shields it from the sun's harmful rays, providing easy conditions for flora and fauna to thrive. The cosmos as a whole is vibrating.

Life exists in the universe at a higher frequency in astral and higher forms (enlightened souls), which are invisible to the human eye, and with increased awareness that can occasionally reach transcendental levels, allowing for freedom from the never-ending cycle of death and rebirth.

Earth’s magnetosphere prevents harmful rays coming from the sun reaching the earth and thus makes it facile ground for flora and fauna to flourish on it. The whole universe is full of vibration. Life exists in the universe at a higher frequency in astral and higher form (enlightened souls) imperceptible to the human eye with increased consciousness sometimes reaching to transcendental level leading to liberation from endless death-birth cycle.


5. Consciousness in Human Beings

The presence of all molecules essential to life discovered in meteorites suggests their availability as readymade kits in space which can only provide a physical body but not life. In Vedānta, an individual is called a “Jiva” (“an immortal living substance” or “an individual soul”).

The three Human ‘Gunas’ (qualities) according to Hinduism are Sattva Guna, Rajas Guna, and Tamas Guna. each with its own unique attributes: tamas (misperception, incorrect comprehension, dullness, dark mindedness and destruction), rajas (severe highs and lows in activity), and sattva (righteousness, cognition and consciousness). All creatures and things around us always contain all three gunas, though their relative amounts may differ. The levels of the Gunas in our bodies and minds can be changed deliberately only by humans.  These three Gunas (qualities) occur in successive cycles Seymour (1997). The genetic content in human brain has not changed over the past two centuries. When sattva guna (righteousness, cognition and consciousness) is predominant in an individual, the thought and consciousness in matters of grave concern to the existence of all living on earth and the planet earth itself.

There have been significant changes in human thought and awareness over the past 6000 years, even though the genetic makeup of the human brain has stayed constant. Examples include concern for the environment, global warming, epidemics, and the future of the Earth. This shows that the human brain plays a part in ongoing development independent of genetic or evolutionary factors.

Although the fundamental genetic makeup of the human brain has not changed, great strides have been made in human awareness and thought, with levels of intelligence ranging from the "less intelligent" to the "intelligence square." The so-called "junk DNA," which according to recent research is no longer considered to be "junk," is probably the cause of this diversity in IQ. All humans have functional DNA, but it is likely that the use of "junk DNA" has contributed to the evolution of human thought and awareness, including worries about the environment, global warming, and the future of the Earth. Recent investigations have shown that the brain receives more impulses from the heart than the heart receives from the brain. Large portions of the human genome that were previously believed to be useless waste now contribute to the maintenance of our intelligence, thinking, and awareness. Rollin McCraty (2003) shows in his study "The Energetic Heart" that the heart, like the brain, produces a tremendous electromagnetic field. This means that the heart not only responds to the brain, but the brain also responds to the heart constantly. "The largest electric field in the body is produced by the heart. The amplitude of brain waves captured by an electroencephalogram (EEG) is about 60 times greater than the electrical field detected by an electrocardiogram (ECG). Rollin McCraty and Dana Tomasino, (2014), 8.1 Managing The 3 Gunas (n.d.).

The subjective response of the individual to the objective forces in the environment is either by mind and deed severally or jointly based on the three qualities decides the nature of action which forms the basis for cause and effect during the life of an individual as per Newton’s Third Law of Motion which information is recorded as magnetic memories in the individual’s causal body. Humans possess the rare capacity to deliberately change the guna levels in their bodies and minds. The last to evolve, humans have remained distinct from all other species due to their irreducible complex organs that are essentially tuned to the harmonic frequency of the Earth. According to Schumann's Resonance, the earth's frequency of 7.83 Hz corresponds to the normal alpha frequency of the human brain. It is inconceivable how this design could be implemented in people using any technique other than the one described.


6. Results

The universe's inorganic chemistry is stored in stars, which periodically release these elements as part of their life processes which are transformed into Biological Molecules under abiotic conditions help to form the Physical Body to the shape of the subtle body caused by the causal body. Upon impregnation of the transmigrating soul together with the subtle body and causal body, the physical body comes alive.

Geological Time Scale displays genomic complexity and the origin of species in tune with the stars, giving out elements that support Darwin's Theory of Evolution and Natural Selection, particularly in the area of speciation with a "God of the Gaps." These elements are transformed into biological molecules under abiotic conditions and aid in the formation of the physical body. The Panspermia Origin of Life is established and the idea of an RNA World is disproved by the discovery of essential components like ribose and other sugar compounds in meteorites.

Panspermia together with the emergence of the soul/spirit (a kind of vibration), living cells and DNA are created. The most likely connection between events in the biological and extra-terrestrial realms is caused by solar disruptions and their particle emissions. According to the Geological Time Scale, the universe's existence, its birth and mortality, and the origin of species are all cyclical processes, with humans always coming last. Darwin's Theory of Evolution and Natural Selection is in opposition to the current Theory of Evolution. Retrieving data for the "Evolution" of all species on Earth is simply the opposite of saving data in DNA in the "Panspermia Origin of Life."


7. Conclusions

Contrary to Darwin's Theory of Biological Evolution by Natural Selection, the proposed Theory of Evolution given here. According to the newly suggested theory of evolution, the most likely connection between biological and extra-terrestrial events in the origin and evolution of all species is due to solar disturbances and their particle emissions. As above, so below. The primary factor in the origin and development of all life is electromagnetism (sunlight), one of the four fundamental forces of physics, with its customary frequencies, wavelengths, resonances, and energies and interaction with the inorganic chemistry present in the universe (matter).      

Darwin introduced the concept that species change over time, give birth to new species, and share a common ancestor, which is a significant scientific gap, the ‘Gap of God’, lacuna naturae causa (a gap because of nature) taking advantage of the age of the earth. Secondly, Darwin’s Theory could not stand the geological event of rapid evolution of high genetic complexity in Cambrian Explosion of 520 MYA. Thirdly, with the advancement of cell biology and molecular biology, Darwin’s Theory has become an outcast. Darwin spoke least about humans and consciously avoided discussing the origin of life.  The most intricate and complex human brain and the human eye's circadian motions could not be explained by his hypothesis. The benchmark for origin, evolution, death, rebirth, and beyond, as well as final liberation from the never-ending cycle of birth and death through transcendental awareness, is sunlight, an electromagnetic wave of light.       

In reality, exposure to radiofrequency (RF) fields above 100 kHz is included in the use of lower frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF) up to 200 MHz in medicine for diagnosis and therapy. (0.1 MHz). The cosmos as a whole is vibrating. All that exists that can be perceived is energy at a lower level. Only on our planet does life appear in a physical form that follows the Schumann Resonance. There is sentient life present throughout the cosmos at a high frequency in an imperceptible astral form.The origins of all Vedic astrology's principles, known as "Jyotish," are founded on contemporary sciences like astronomy, astrophysics, astrobiology, mathematics, metaphysics, and humanities, among others.       

The concept behind "Jyotish" is the interplay of matter and electromagnetism. (Rao YVS, 2019). According to the theory behind the panspermia origin of life and subsequent evolution of all life on earth, sunlight defines life as an emergent feature of matter. The following scientific findings demonstrate that the idea of evolution and the proliferation of all life is the right perspective on the situation:

Speciation is consistent with the output of natural elements by stars during their life cycles. Each species on earth has a unique harmonic frequency that resonates with the earth's magnetism (Schumann Resonance of 7.83Hz), but humans, with their irreducibly complex organs, are fundamentally tuned to the earth's frequency of 7.83Hz, which appears to have matched the average alpha frequency of the human brain. It is inconceivable to think that any process other than the one mentioned could be used to implement this design in humans.






The author thanks the co-author for valuable suggestions and contributions besides meticulous proof reading of the Paper.





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