International Journal of Engineering Technologies and Management Research 2021-07-23T23:48:47+00:00 IJETMR Editorial Notification Open Journal Systems <h2>International Journal of Engineering Technologies and Management Research</h2> <p>is an open access peer reviewed double blind monthly journal that provides monthly publication of articles in all areas of Engineering and Management. It is an international refereed e-journal.</p> <p><strong>Editor-in-Chief:</strong></p> <p><strong>Prof. Sonika Rathi</strong><br>Assistant Professor, BITS Pilani, Pune, Maharashtra, India<br>Email:</p> <p><strong>Editor:</strong></p> <p><strong>Dr. Tina Porwal</strong><br>PhD, Maharani Laxmibai Girls P.G. College, Indore, India</p> APPLICATION OF BUILDING INFORMATION MODELLING (BIM) IN A RESIDENTIAL PROJECT IN INDIA: BENEFIT-COST ANALYSIS 2021-07-10T04:04:19+00:00 Harshil Thakkar Bhishma Pandya Mihir Rabadiya Rakesh Prajapati Dhwani Thakkar <p>Building information (BIM) is becoming a better-known collaboration process in our construction industry. BIM is a systematic process that amalgamates all the other geometric computer-generated models, or data that creates simulations that can be used for the project manager, owners, facility manager or other parties to look after the project and deliver the project more efficiently. The implementation of BIM in India is still at a nascent stage due to a lack of knowledge of the advantages of BIM. Moreover, there have been only a few case studies conducted in India about BIM; therefore, the principal agenda of this study is to enlighten the readers about the benefits accrued if BIM is applied, in the residential project, before the construction. Hence, the authors had taken a residential project located in Gujarat, India, for a case study. The 3D and 4D models of the project were generated; 8 errors were identified that could have been detected before construction if BIM had been applied. The cost needed to make a BIM model was ₹ 171,050. Whereas, the amount that could have been saved if BIM was implemented beforehand was discovered as ₹ 246,773. Consequently, the benefits to cost ratio for two weeks in delay was determined as 1.44. It can be as the benefit of BIM for construction.</p> 2021-07-07T04:35:35+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Harshil Thakkar, Bhishma Pandya, Mihir Rabadiya, Rakesh Prajapati, Dhwani Thakkar THE ANALYSIS OF COMPARISON OF FLOOR CERAMIC INSTALLATION PRODUCTIVITY BASED ON THE COMPOSITION OF LABOR 2021-07-08T23:24:32+00:00 Taufik Dwi Laksono Dwi Sri Wiyanti <p>Floor ceramic installation is one of work items which its implementation schedule accuracy is determined by the productivity of the mason in floor ceramic installation. The productivity of the mason in floor ceramic installation varies, this shows that the use of labor working on floor ceramic installation affects the productivity. This study analyzed the comparison of floor ceramic installation productivity based on the composition of labor that work in floor ceramic installation. The composition of labor that were observed consists of 3 (three) compositions. Of the 3 (three) compositions of labor that were observed, the composition that consists of 2 (two) masons and 2 (two) journeymen generated the highest productivity of 1,73 m<sup data-id="superscript-0d5026ef746b4c74948b3f54c42679cf">2.</sup></p> 2021-07-07T08:58:05+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Dwi Sri Wiyanti, Taufik Dwi Laksono US COVID-19 EXAM FAILURE MAKES WORLD LEERY ABOUT AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM AND LEADERSHIP 2021-07-21T23:46:31+00:00 Liviu Popa-Simil <div data-id="paragraph-7e29d9d9de434cc3bf7e38663af0042f">For a newbie in the USA, heath care, education, science and economy are presented as exceptional; the best of the world, but these nice words are not backed by reality, and it is hard to openly talk about these issues as they turn into an inconvenient truth, and the fact that truth is anti-American and anti-human makes it more difficult to correct the problems, as it turns difficult to openly acknowledge the issues and look for solutions. Trump and revealed a bunch of American truths, removed the of kindness and exceptionalism, and put in the limelight a lot of inconvenient realities of the actual USA, a country ideologically divided and under Lord , a nation sunk in alternate realities and facts, with a political leadership inept for progress. Looking to understand why this aberrant behavior in front of SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, we discovered that the F<sup data-id="superscript-b3fcad7b5a2e4b248fa278f87e2ffb22">++</sup> grade USA obtained at this “ecologic” exam, is routed in education of the last 50 years, that produced such population with very low real IQ, but loud arrogant and oblivious of their situation, with little respect for reality and knowledge.</div> <div data-id="paragraph-41ad4ad5ab254375ba60cc52b1b7fce6">From the education stand point, the thinks appear even more complicated, because failures in education are routed in society, and the education system produced exactly what society asked and paid for, everything becoming a “chicken or egg” problem, under “what to solve first” dilemma</div> <div data-id="paragraph-ca143d6ce778440cbf9c57af32020a5f">The present research was looking to find an answer to this very complex problem, at minimum to openly list the issues, and propose idealistic solutions, looking to become a wake-up moment not only for the USA but for many other nations which are confronted with the same issues, of a decadent democracy and consumerist economy, without pleading for extreme left solution manifested autocratic regimes.</div> 2021-07-20T06:57:11+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Liviu Popa-Simil INNOVATIVE SYSTEM WITH SIMULTANEOUS ENERGY RECOVERY IN SHIPS FOR COMPLETE DESULPHURISATION OF EXHAUST GAS DERIVED BY HEAVY OIL 2021-07-20T23:45:14+00:00 N. Pittas P. Koutsoukos Vasileios Moutsios I. Muravieva <p>This paper presents an innovative worldwide method of total of gas combustion-derived ships on heavy fuel diesel engines. For the treatment of waste aqueous solution derived from with aqueous solution NaOH the exhaust gas and capture the S from . For the treatment wastewater plant is necessary to have big surface and quantity of salt water. But unfortunately, the space free on the ships are very restricted and further consequently born stability problems for the ships. This proposal innovative methodology with new approx and new design overcame the limitations and the low performance of the actual scrubber systems and the negative provoked enormous environmental impact of these emissions and not complies the IMO international regulations. The method exposed in this paper overcame the requirement its international regulations of IMO (international maritime organization) and is Patent N. Pittas .</p> 2021-07-20T07:41:22+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 N. Pittas, P. Koutsoukos, Vasileios Moutsios, I. Muravieva STEADY MHD MIXED CONVECTION NEWTONIAN FLUID FLOW ALONG A VERTICAL STRETCHING CYLINDER EMBEDDED IN POROUS MEDIUM 2021-07-21T23:46:08+00:00 Sharad Sinha R. S. Yadav <p>A viscous electrically conducting fluid is considered and its steady mixed convective flow along a vertical stretching cylinder is investigated. It is assumed that the cylinder is embedded in a porous medium and, external magnetic field, heat source/sink are also taken into account. Suitable similarity transformations are used to reduce the governing equations and associated boundary conditions into a system of nonlinear ordinary differential equations. This system along with the boundary conditions is solved by fourth order Runge-Kutta method with shooting technique. Variations in fluid velocity and temperature due to various physical parameters such as heat source/sink parameter, mixed convection parameter, magnetic parameter are presented through graphs. Effect of these parameters on dimensionless shear stress and rate of heat transfer are discussed numerically through tables.</p> 2021-07-21T06:10:13+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Sharad Sinha, R. S. Yadav VALIDATION OF EQUATIONS LECKNER FOR CALCULATE THE EMISSIVITY OF GAS COMBUSTION MIXTURE OBTAINED FROM THE COMPARATION WITH THE METHOD OF HOTTEL AND THE APPLICATION ON AN INDUSTRIAL THREE BED REGENERATIVE CHAMBER COMBUSTION UNIT 2021-07-23T23:48:47+00:00 N. Pittas Vasileios Moutsios Demos P. Georgiou Irini Muravieva <p>This paper investigates the validity of the LECKNER to calculate the of mixture of gas combustion in by H. and R. J. Tucker method for enclosures with surfaces exposed to significant thermal radiation. The analysis is focused on a specific combustion chamber in a three-bed regenerative oxidizer and calculates the coefficient of absorption and the corresponding thermal irradiation flux exchanges among the hot wall surfaces of the chamber. The temperature distribution and the initial composition of the gaseous mixture at the inlet plane were assumed known.</p> 2021-07-23T08:46:46+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 N. Pittas, Vasileios Moutsios, Demos P. Georgiou, Irini Muravieva ENERGY BALANCE ANALYSIS BETWEEN ENERGY CONSUMED FOR THE COMPRESSION OF ATMOSPHERIC AIR UP TO 200 BAR, AND THE ENERGY PRODUCED FROM ITS EXPANSION DOWN TO ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE ON NICHOLAS PITTAS’ PATENT ABOUT STORAGE AND CONTINUOUS PRODUCTION ENERGY SYSTEM 2021-07-23T23:48:23+00:00 N. Pittas Ioannis Gkialas Demos P. Georgiou Vasileios Moutsios <p>This paper provides the theoretical foundation the patents , of Nicholas Pittas related to storage and continuous production of energy via compressed air. Specifically, the energy balance between consumed energy, used for the compression of atmospheric air to high pressure and heat production within a specific number of stages, and the energy produced during the expansion of compressed air to atmospheric pressure. The heat produced is transported, via a thermal vector, to the expansion process to prevent ice formation in the .</p> 2021-07-23T10:08:31+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 N. Pittas, Ioannis Gkialas, Demos P. Georgiou, Vasileios Moutsios