• Yasmin Akhtar Department of Chemistry, University of Tabuk ,AlwajhCollege, Saudi Arabia
Keywords: Aniline, Cyclohexane, Dimethyl Ketone, Ethyl Methyl Ketone, , Adiabatic Compressibility Free Length, Acoustic Impedance


Densities and ultrasonic velocities of Aniline in cyclohexane + Dimethyl ketone and Aniline in cyclohexane + ethyl methyl ketone of these ternary mixtures of different compositions have been determined experimentally at 303 and 313 K. The results obtained from density and ultrasonic velocity measurement have been used to calculate the acoustical parameters such as, adiabatic compressibility (Ks), free Length (Lf ) , and acoustic impedance (Z). The results are discussed in terms of the intermolecular hydrogen bonding and molecular association in these ternary systems.


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